After the first official image of the series was released in recent days, Marvel has released the first trailer from Agatha all together. New Disney+ series starring Kathryn Hahnseems much darker than we might initially think.

Promotion Agatha all together begins with Agnes as a detective arriving at a murder scene. The plot shows the protagonist trying to find clues to the crime, noticing that something strange is going on, but not understanding what it is. What is clear is that the paths seem to lead to one person: Wanda Maximoff.

The scene introduces a mysterious character played by Aubrey Plazawho tells Agnes/Agatha that the Scarlet Witch has left and left her trapped in a spell that she must escape. From there, Agatha all together seems to be going down a rather terrifying path, although it doesn’t shy away from humor.

The first trailer confirmed that, at least in Latin America, the official title in Spanish will be: Agatha is everywhere.

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Once Agatha Harkness manages to free himself from the punishment imposed on him by the Scarlet Witch at the end WandaVisionbegins her journey to recruit other witches and embark on her mission of revenge. Enter Lilia (Patti LuPone), Jennifer (Sasheer Zamata), Alice (Ali Ahn), and Sharon (Debra Jo Rupp).

“I miss the glory days,” says the film’s protagonist. Agatha all together. “It took every last drop of my strength, but I can go back to being the witch I was.”– he adds, clearly hinting at his fight with Wanda Maximoff and his desire to regain his dark powers.

Agatha all together Embrace the Dark Side of Marvel

Agatha All Together Embraces Marvel's Dark Side

While the new Disney+ series was initially said to be a dark comedy, it’s clear that it will have a pretty significant connection to the world of horror. The first trailer shows demonic creatures and a few other images that make it clear that this is not an offer for the whole family.

Brad Winderbaumhead of television, streaming and animation at Marvel, recently said that Agatha all together It will be interesting, but it will also have a very dark side.”Agatha “It’s very funny, but it’s also very scary and very dramatic. She’s an incredible anti-hero, and this show takes you on a Halloween kick, but when you least expect it, it makes you cry,” he explained, adding, “It’s Marvel-style horror. It’s a Halloween production, the stakes in this show are deadly. “It’s a fun, very dangerous ride.”

It will be interesting to see how to connect Agatha all together with events Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Remember that Scarlet Witch appears to sacrifice herself at the end of the film, but it’s never made clear whether she actually died. There are several plot points that need to be addressed in this sentence that promise to be quite juicy.

Agatha all together debuts next September 18 with its first two episodes on Disney+. The remaining chapters will be released weekly on the streaming platform.

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