Will Byers is one of the central characters of the series. weird things from Netflix. Also the driving center of several of the most important events of the argument. However, in the fourth season, the series revealed that he was suffering from what appeared to be a deep existential and emotional crisis. The reasons seemed mysterious, although everything seemed to point to the fact that they are connected with Mike and the feelings that Will could have for his closest friend.

Finally, the last two episodes of the season weird things in the end, they spoke subtly and kindly about Will’s dilemma. It all happened while traveling in the company of Jonathan, Argyle and Mike to Nevada in search of Eleven. In the middle of a conversation where Mike tried to explain his feelings and confusion about Eleven.Will took the floor. And not only made it clear what was going on inside him, but also the painful way he was trying to cope.

“You are the heart of this group,” Will insisted. And finally, he showed the mysterious picture he had drawn in the previous chapters. weird things. When expanded, the oil painting depicted a medieval battle scene, no doubt inspired by the long role-playing games of his childhood. The image also shows a figure with a sword and a shield engraved with a heart. Will points to the character and smiles shyly. “It’s obvious,” he says quietly. “But you are the heart of the group, someone worth keeping an eye on.”

Heart Relief That Changes Will’s Course

Nonetheless, Will’s sincere veiled confession at the end weird things it doesn’t end. To Mike’s deep doubts about whether Eleven can love him, the answer is as painful as it is intimate. “Eleven will always need you. You will be the person he will hold on to. One that makes her feel special and loved, even if it seems like an aberration.”

It suddenly becomes clear that Will is no longer talking about his friend’s possible feelings for Mike, but about how the latter makes him feel. Much more when he emphasizes the importance of that love, encouragement, and support from Mike to Eleven. Through tears, and as Jonathan anxiously listens from the driver’s seat, Will ends by stating that sometimes “love is everything.” Even, he insists, “if you’re different, and that makes things worse.”

In the end, Mike doesn’t quite understand that his friend is referring to more than just his relationship with Eleven; tone from the start weird things. Confused and dazed, Will eventually breaks down into bitter tears. Nonetheless, he was finally able to overcome the central point of all his conflicts. Later, he would be seen sad and tired, but no doubt much more relieved after his heartfelt and subtle confession.

Will from the closet and a new journey in Stranger Things

Will’s confession was the scene fans have been waiting for. Beginning with the third season, there were signs that the youngest Byer’s sexual orientation would be analyzed sooner or later. But Will’s words came at a moment of great importance.

At the most difficult and painful moment weird things, managed to find a moment in the plot to understand and delve into one of its central characters. And perhaps leave the door open for you to connect this newfound sincerity and strength with what lies ahead of you.

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