Android 14 should come with a significant change for users. Google’s operating system will block the installation of outdated apps to reduce the spread of malware.

At the moment, Google already has minimum Application Programming Interface (API) level requirements for apps in the Play Store. This prevents developers from releasing versions targeting older Androids.

The problem is that the requirements do not prevent sideloading old programs, downloading them between two local devices. Google’s idea is to solve this in Android 14.

More stringent API requirements will come with the next release. Once the change is rolled out, users will no longer be able to externally upload APK files for apps that don’t meet the requested API level.

Google should start by limiting the download of app versions targeting Android 6, then speed it up.

Like this, Third-party app stores will not be able to install apps that don’t follow the guidelines., e.g. Google should limit older versions to Android 6 by incrementally increasing them.

Source: Tec Mundo

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