what will happen to weird things without their cultural references? Without a doubt, one of the most successful moments of a Netflix series is its ability to cut through pop culture. What’s more, do it with a brilliant level of detail, including milestones, references, and all sorts of analyzes of your arguments. Considered the forerunner of a wave of retro nostalgia, the series is also a cultural phenomenon. Based on the iconic film and television era, The show plays with the idea of ​​artfully recreating a decade. And he does this by using Easter eggs as a wink to the audience. Also, as a backdrop that includes interest and a brilliant emotional connection to the plot.

But while previous installments showcased the best of theater and cult films, the fourth season tied its premise to atmosphere. And one that has used some of the most famous genre films to support its language. As if that wasn’t enough, the series has managed to create a complete reimagining of classic horror and thriller movie tropes. All with meticulous setting and cinematography. The result was a complex, mature and sinister performance that exceeded all expectations.

The Duffer brothers and screenwriter Shawn Levy decided that the penultimate part weird things pay tribute to the icons of terror. Thoughtful, surprisingly skillful, and polished, the season is a collection of nods to the genre. We talk about the best Easter eggs in the last two chapters of the fourth season weird things. A combination of good ideas, better execution and, in the end, a great celebration of pure entertainment culture.

Room full of monsters


If you are a fan of the saga aliensyou will immediately notice it. The series pays tribute to him in Chapter 8 in one of the scariest scenes in the franchise. And this is done in order to support the idea that in this case, the repetitive atmosphere of a nightmare is all that is needed for the presentation.

In one scene of the episode, Hopper, Joyce, and Murray find an underground laboratory in the prison from which they are trying to escape. This is a kind of space for genetic experiments, in which you can see the captured Demogorgon. Also a dozen huge glass containers in which you can see the suspended bodies of other creatures. The image is almost identical to the image Alien resurrection Jean-Pierre Genet, which shows an identical scientific space. And also during the sequence, the various stages of xenoform cloning could be seen.

The film goes beyond the classics of the 70s and 80s that are usually included in their Stranger Things repertoire. But the link could be more emotional. Winona Ryder – Joyce in fiction – starred in the film alongside Sigourney Weaver.

Michael Myers away

And if in the previous season there were several direct hints at A Nightmare on Elm Street Wes Craven, this time it was John Carpenter’s turn. And in the most direct way imaginable. Not only in the musical accompaniment of the season – a single note of the film’s soundtrack can be heard several times – but also in its symbols. And as if that wasn’t enough, in terms of the threat and persecution that Vecna ​​embodies from the depths of the Upside Down.

But if you need something more direct, the series shows it in the chapter. In one scene, Eddie Munson is looking for a mask to hide his face and hide his identity. And it’s nothing less than a replica of the iconic model worn by Michael Myers in the classic horror saga.

Sixteen candles and very strange things


Does Robin’s lover Vicki seem familiar to you? This may remind you of the iconic 1980s actress Molly Ringwald. A similarity that most fans have noticed from previous chapters. But this time it’s more than just a subtle resemblance, and as always, the show takes us to another dimension.

The resemblance between Vicki and the famous actress becomes a symbol of unrequited love in the eighth chapter.. As the Hawkins gang rush to buy supplies and weapons to fight Vecna, Robin is confronted by Vicki. And the character is dressed exactly like Ringwald in the hit of the generation. sixteen candles.

Horror at Stranger Things Prom

For the ninth episode of the fourth season weird things, the nods in the direction of horror intensify and become sharper. Especially since the Duffers’ view of the future of the characters is becoming more and more tragic. It is for this reason that the scene in which Max is supposed to meet Vecna ​​from his memories finds the most prominent reference in “Carrie” by Brian De Palma.

Netflix - Stranger Things 4

In the scene where Max is locked in the room decorated for the spring dance, balloons can be seen that bled when they exploded. Also, the design in shades of blue resembles a cult film.

Stephen King to remember

In one of the last scenes of the season, the series pays homage to Stephen King in the most emotional way. In it, Lucas can be heard, keeping the company of the unconscious Max, reading an excerpt from the book.

This is a snippet from Mascotorder this king wrote four hands with Peter Straub. Essentially, the literary argument tells the story of a boy looking for a talisman to save his dying mother’s life. A harbinger of what’s to come next season weird things?

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