It appears that those responsible for boys they never cease to amaze their audience. Oh sure gerogasm He’s already blown our minds with so many epic scenes that the next episode wasn’t a requirement either. Of course, the moments of action, blood and sex have been significantly reduced, but the department has prepared for us bombing news that no one expected; even those who read the comics of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson.

spoilers for episode 7 boys next.

Towards the end of episode 7 boysSoldier Boy told Homelander that he was basically he is his biological father. Let’s remember that the series from the first season explained to us how Vought International created knew artificially, and Homelander was no exception.

However, absolutely no one imagined that the character played by Jensen Ackles would be responsible for the existence of Homelander. From here any other crazy thing can happen in boys.

Now, if you’ve had the chance to read the comics, you know that this situation is not part of the narrative. Namely, this is a fact raised by the writers of the series. Some might think that this contradicts the original story, but in fact boys inspired by the comics, but not strictly based on them. Thus, Eric Kripke and his subjects have the creative freedom to create and destroy events as they see fit. This unexpected relationship between Homelander and Soldier Boy is the best example of this.

Interestingly, the biological relationship between the two characters was not intended in the original script. boys. What happened then? According to Kripke himself, the story was arranged in such a way that this narrative component had a place, but also a meaning. For three seasons, the production was responsible for showing us complicated relationship between father and son different characters are affected. Billy “The Butcher”, T-Milk, Hughie and Starlight are some examples to which the Homelander case has now been added.

“There’s an obvious reason that Soldier Boy looked like the first Homelander. So there is some logic in that he is the father of the current Homelander. they have evolved. Indeed, in many ways this season is dedicated to fathers and sons. About how fathers can pass on their trauma from generation to generation to their sons, especially that venomous cop manhood that their sons should be a version of. society’s masculinity,” he said Diversity showrunner boys.

Kripke continues his speech by saying that initially they didn’t plan for this to happenbut one of the creatives offered, and they took his word for it.

“It wasn’t the first plan from the start, but while we were talking about the season’s mythology, someone came up with it and said, ‘Crazy suggestion, what if…?’ I winced because so many of our main characters deal with their parenting and raising children – as well as mother’s milk – Homelander has to deal with his father. So everything lined up.”

Series 7 denouement boys It was a surprise not only for the audience, but also for the actors themselves.. In the same interview, Ackles (Soldier Boys) mentioned this. “As a fan of the series, I didn’t foresee this. I just assumed the only connection was that they were contextualized the same way, that the Soldier was the real Homelander, he was in the way, and they replaced him. with more shiny and new same. But in no way did I think there was a blood connection. So it kind of hit me.”

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