May be Thor: Love and Thunder the movie that finally divided Marvel fans? With an uneven fourth phase, some narrative experimentation, and notable changes in tone, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is trying to mature. Do it under the watchful eyes of millions of fans who judge in detail all the creative decisions of the filmmakers and producers. In fact, one of the most unique things about the last phase is how it divides the public.

So far, no production has been a complete success. Even the very successful Spiderman: No Way Home John Watts received rave reviews for his bland script. At the bottom of the trend is eternal Chloe Zhao. With an auteur spray and an approach quite different from the Marvel formula, the film puzzled audiences and critics alike. The bet, which was considered excessively long, contemplative and somewhat boring, disappointed. On the other hand, it has been called the “first attempt” at authorial language in the study. But also, the loss of pacing and plot that worried about showing that Marvel’s experiments could fail.

The same can be said for his Disney+ series. After success WandaVision, Falcon and Winter Soldier aroused moderate interest. In the future, significant popularity Loki this opened the door to programs with a more adult tone and even some directly related to certain genres. But again, the production had to deal with harsh criticism that pointed to the apparent lack of direction and purpose of the fourth phase of Marvel. alive What if…?, Hawkeye, moon knight and recent Ms. Marvel they seem insufficient for the demands of the public.

A challenging journey through the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Raises concern as new films and characters lay a solid foundation for future productions outside Thor: Love and Thunder. But for now, Marvel’s Phase 4 is struggling with the weight of its history and the weirdness of the franchise. From the inevitable fact of the need for much fresher material and surprises to the need for original rethinking. It looks like Marvel is struggling with extraordinary success that hasn’t been able to fully emulate and is putting in the effort to keep it going.

Something that just released Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness Sam Raimi. The film has become a source of rumor and discussion, especially about new characters that it may or may not include. A leak a few weeks before the premiere, and later rumors from the trade press, made it clear that the controversy brought little news. As if that wasn’t enough, the film, halfway between an action-adventure and a horror film, left fans confused. There have even been discussions about Wanda Maximoff’s Elizabeth Olsen figure and accusations that the script “misrepresents” her flawless redemption arc.

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In such a scenario Thor: Love and Thunder It opens with several questions. A few weeks ago, Waititi announced that there would be no references to the multiverse in the film, which completely separates it from the overall plot of the franchise. He also refuted the popular theory about the possible appearance of Loki in the Tom Hiddleston film. So, the fourth part of the franchise begins its journey to the big screen between issues. What can fans expect from the reinvention of Taika Waititi’s already amazing cinematic language? How much could this affect the already unanswered questions atmosphere in the fourth phase of Marvel?

Hardest script for an unclassified film

A year ago, Taika Waititi made it clear. Thor: Love and Thunder, the fourth installment in the god of Asgard franchise, was the craziest movie I’ve ever made. Also the most extravagant and the one that is likely to generate the most comments – for better or for worse – among critics and the public. High bar after conversion to Thor: Ragnarok at a tipping point among Marvel fans. Most viewers were surprised by the film’s sense of humor, color, and extravagant aesthetic. And a significant percentage also complained about how Waititi researched one of Marvel’s most beloved characters.

The New Zealand director was accused of oversimplifying the character’s image and even underestimating Norse mythology. Now the general opinion has become more uncomfortable, harsh and harsh. There seems to be no golden mean in understanding the tone and manner of speech. Thor: Love and Thunder. And that makes it arguably the most controversial Marvel movie to date. Particularly after the surprise end of Jane Foster’s character arc and taking Thor to new locations. Was a new on-screen deconstruction of the god of Asgard necessary?

The director insists that this is a blatant attempt to delve into the more auteur aspect of an entertainment franchise like Marvel. A statement that is often accused of using repetitive and tedious formulas, of suppressing the creativity of their authors and concentrating on mere spectacle, is surprising. Much more when he tests the aesthetic meaning, rhythm and discourse of a multi-million dollar saga and is subjected to the pressure of popularity. But Waititi was sure of it: the film was a detailed exploration of his take on the superhero universe.

To highlight the on-screen surprise of the proposal, the director left a candid message on his official Instagram account this weekend. “If you don’t see Thor: Love and Thunderso you hate fun and independent cinema,” he wrote in a promotional video for the film. The comment sparked concern and heated discussion about what could be considered authorship at Marvel. Or, at any rate, why an ultra-colorful and possibly mild formula can be considered as such.

No Half Measures: Love or Hate Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor: Love and Thunder This is the most personal and least close to the Marvel formula of any franchise released to date. This is the only place where the protagonist has to share his power. One that finally raises the death of one of its characters. One that shows the villain and justifies his actions point by point and almost completely. And while Marvel has already provided a solid storyline for James Brolin’s Thanos, Christian Bale’s Gorr almost fell into the anti-hero category.

It’s also an almost introspective journey through Thor as a character. A journey between light and shadows that began with Thor: Ragnarok and what’s in Thor: Love and Thunder find its highest point. The Asgardian hero is more vulnerable than ever. More fragile, human and full of nuances. A perception that has already annoyed fans in ragnarok and what’s in love and thunder this can be an annoying and unpleasant element.

But amid such shaky ground as the critical Phase 4, Waititi’s film may be more of a divider than anything else. Particularly as parts of the saga seem to point to multiverse warfare and more familiar Secrets Wars elements. Right now, Marvel is at a fragile point in its successful history and needs significant box office revenue to keep its brand alive. D Thor: Love and Thunder Taika Waititi may be just the opposite. Worse, a deep crack in an increasingly uncertain vision of the future.

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