Only 7% of advance flight bookings for summer 2023 were for flights abroad. Among domestic destinations, the top 5 traditionally included Moscow and St. Petersburg, with Sochi taking the lead with a 35% share.

Only 7% of advance flight bookings for the summer came from abroad

Analysts of the service shared statistics on advance bookings of air tickets for the summer of 2023. They calculate that only one in thirteen (7%) of these bookings are flights abroad. Among foreign destinations, flights from Moscow to Baku, Antalya, Istanbul, Tashkent and Yerevan became the most popular.

93% of flights in the summer period of the current year are scheduled to Russia. The top 5 popular destinations included Moscow and Saint Petersburg with shares of 9% and 7%, respectively. 6% and 4.6% of flights will be to Kaliningrad and Mineralnye Vody. Sochi became the leading city in terms of the number of advance flight bookings with a share of 35%.

For round-trip tickets from Moscow to Sochi, Russians pay an average of 16.8 thousand rubles, from St. Petersburg to Sochi – 21.2 thousand rubles.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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