“Puppet Master, I’m pulling your strings. Distorting your mind and destroying your dreams. Blinded by me, you can’t see anything.” This is probably one of the most memorable parts that Metallica fans remember from the eighties hit. Puppeteer, a song from the album of the same name. But there is something else in it that will surely seem familiar to you. Something inextricably linked to the history of Vecnaa terrible villain, whom we thoroughly got to know during Stranger Things 4.

If you are reading this article, we assume that you have already finished watching the last season of the series. And if it’s not, don’t say you didn’t ask for it, because here we’re going to talk about the events that take place from the first episodes to the last seconds. Stranger Things 4.

In particular, we are going to take a look at the role he plays Puppeteer in Stranger Things 4. Because while it’s tied to Vecna, the Duffer Brothers’ inspiration doesn’t end with hit. The series is also inspired by a dark and unfairly true story. which occurred after several murders in the 80s.

Lost heavenreal story behind weird things four

Witchcraft or witch hunt? —Witchcraft or witch hunt?in Spanish – written on the cover of the documentary Lost heavenDirected by Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky. A true story about the murder of three children in the community of West Memphis, Arkansas, USA. Its main characters are three teenagers: Damien Echols, 18, Jesse Miskelli Jr. and Jason Baldwin, 16who were nicknamed West Memphis Three. All three, by the way, were Metallica fans.

The trio were convicted of killing three children: Christopher Byers, Michael Moore and Steve Branch. The latter appeared naked, with wounds on their bodies and tied with their own shoelaces. They were identified floating in a river near the community a day after they disappeared.

But were Echols, Miskelli and Baldwin really involved in the murder? As we have already seen in Stranger Things 4, In the 1980s, there was a phenomenon called satanic panic. It managed to spread at least until the early 2000s and even affected Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness. A collective madness that called “ritual” everything that eluded the homogenous Christian culture of the time. His sacrifices range from Shakira’s singing style, Pokemonand darker cases such as the one concerning Lost heaven in his documentary.

How Satan’s Panic Destroyed an Entire Generation

The “Satanic Panic” was especially violent towards fans of rock, metal, and other musical genres that were frowned upon at the time. Of course, based on stereotypes and prejudice not at all realistic.

Stranger Things 4 invites us to feel what kind of phenomenon it was. Eddie Munson, for example, bears several similarities to the three protagonists of the documentary. They were all dressed in black, listened to heavy metal, and behaved in a way that made them stand out in an ultra-conservative community where everything was done “by God’s plan.”

Puppet Master Satanic Panic
A classic post that exacerbates the Satanic Panic of 1981.

The evidence against us was our personal musical preferences. I remember at some point in the lawsuit they found a record, a Blue Oyster Cult record, and I think (the accuser) John Fogleman said it was found at Damien’s (Echols) girlfriend’s mother’s house.

Jason Baldwin

How did it happen with the murder of three characters and the participation of Munson in Stranger Things 4, West Memphis police never found any DNA evidence linking the trio. to the crime scene. As support for their cause, they used Miskelli’s alleged confession, which is now known to have been obtained under duress, namely that at the time the teenager had learning disabilities and an IQ of around 70.

Even the DNA tests done in 2007 didn’t match. none of the convicts. However, they continued to lose the rest of the tests.

“Happy” end of metal trio

The story ended “good” for Echols, Miskelli and Baldwin, who They were released in 2011after eighteen years of imprisonment. To this day, they continue to identify themselves as innocent, although there are still people who believe they are guilty.

Metallica in the meantime played a key role in protecting adolescents.. In fact, for the first time the band allowed their songs to be used for a film in the first part of the album. Lost heaven.

James Hetfield, lead singer of Metallica commented on his emotions after reading about the release of three men. “The way you dress, what you hear… Basically, I can speak for myself when I was growing up that it was a sign of wanting to be creative and different.”

The Very Strange Cases of Vecna

But what is he supposed to do Puppeteer with an eyelid weird things four?

Similarities between song lyrics and story weird things four they are quite clear. In addition to featuring on Eddie Munson’s heroic guitar solo in the season finale, it also ties in with the series’ gorgeous villain Vecna..

According to Nora Felder, music director weird things, Puppeteer already envisioned before production series started. The song was chosen as a key scene that was supposed to take place during the events on the screen, although, of course, its connection with the figure of Vecna ​​as an assassin is undeniable.

Although Puppeteer refers to drugs and the consequences of their addiction, the curious way Vecna ​​kills her victims can also be interpreted through the song.. Likewise, even the title “Puppet Master” is a direct reference to this villain, who controlled his victims at will and manipulated the reality threads of the Inverted – and the real Hawkins – from the first episodes of the first season. weird things.

The aggressive fast metal sound belies its psychological cautionary lyric, showing Eddie’s sensitive side, which was seen during his encounter with Chrissy, and the edgy image the character portrays in public.

Nora Felder, music director weird things

It is clear that Felder managed to score a real goal with the songs of this season. So much Get on top Kate Bush like Puppeteer by Metallica, have managed to achieve real success among the youngest, becoming viral hits on platforms such as Twitter, TikTok, Spotify and YouTube.

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