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‘Stranger Things’ Creators Reveal Details About Max’s Future And Confirm What Many Feared


The fourth season of Stranger Things ended with a bang and, in fact, fans of the series have already begun to speculate about the new plots that will be seen throughout the fifth and final season. It already has a release date. But they are not the only ones who have been asked to talk about what will happen in the next part.

And that’s something the show’s creators also have a lot to say, and, in fact, they’ve already left details of what’s to come with one of the show’s most beloved characters. It may not be good news for the fans who have come to love this man, but the shows are like that..

Before reading further, we must make it clear that the following lines will contain spoilers about the fourth season and, logically, if you have not yet seen the two volumes of which it consists, it is best to stop reading from now on. On the other hand, if you have already seen a series that breaks records; forthcoming.

The character we’re talking about is Max, and logically, this is related to what happened to him at the end of the second volume of the fourth season. lWhat happened was that Max fell on top of Vecna, leaving her prone in a hospital bed in the small town where the series takes place..

While many people thought that the fact that he didn’t explicitly die was a good sign for the character’s future, the truth is that the creators of Stranger Things think otherwise. They commented that Max is alive but at a very high cost, and that price is the loss of his cognitive functions..

Max is completely out of action and therefore doesn’t look like she’s going to bounce back over the course of next season. In addition, the creators of “Stranger Things” also note that he has broken all the bones, except for the brain, which at the moment does not have any synaptic reaction..

This is not the fate that many expected from this beloved character of the series.. At this point it’s clear that Max has known better days, don’t lose hope; although in this case it is quite difficult to maintain it, and even more so, given that Vecna ​​considered this to be death.

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