Resource cameos in a comic movie, it makes a lot of sense. This is a detail that, if it does not serve only as a simple curiosity for Elon Musk in iron Man 2 (2010), may cause laughter. Or at least knowing the smiles from the public. The opportunity that director Taika Waititi, after the wake he had already left us, ragnarok (2017), did not want to lose again in Thor: Love and Thunder (2022), fourth Marvel adventure starring Odin’s offspring.

During the opening scene, which tells the tragic origin story of Gorr, the Butcher of the Gods with the face of Christian Bale, we are introduced to one of them, very inattentively. Rapu, who cares little that his believers are killed. The reason why the other kills him with a powerful Necroespada. D Johnny Bruggea compatriot New Zealand director who we saw as Deacon in his film. What are we doing in the shadows (2014), the one who gives him life.

Very soon, when Korg tells the part about the existence of the God of Thunder, he appears for a few seconds. Tristan, son of Chris Hemsworthlike his father’s childhood hero running through the thicket. And in the same narrative mood with voice-over offhis mother, Elsa Pataky, meddles in the shoes of the Werewolf, one of Thor’s misplaced lovers. Very hairy and barely recognizable – imagine a makeup session – and eating her husband’s face in reality.

Thunder god neighbor, nice surprise

Marvel Studios

On the last stretch Avengers: Endgame (2019) An Asgardian decides to board the Benatar ship with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Do good deeds for his immensity. And they participate in one of the first sequences Thor: Love and Thunder. Which includes some funny moments thanks to Kraglin Obfontery, played by Sean Gunn and married to a native of King Yakan’s world whom he had just met. What makes Peter Quill ugly.

This blue monarch, whose world is freed from invasion due to the absence of their gods caused by Gorr, is incarnated Stephen Curry. TV star from the same country as Chris Hemsworth, from distant Australia. And don’t confuse him with the NBA player from the Golden State Warriors team of the same name. And lady sif Jaimie Alexander returns wounded by the villain and believing she will travel to Valhalla without dying in battle. But they treat her in New Asgard.

This small town has become a place dedicated to tourists. Take advantage of the glory of the Avengers and the defeat of Thanos to attract them. And the main conductor, by order of the Valkyrie calling to him, Darryl Jacobson. Long-suffering roommate of the main character in two shorts Team Thor (2016, 2017) and grandmaster in Team Darryl (2018), whose shoes are worn by Daley Pearson. Besides you go miekthe insectoid warrior of Sakaara.

New theater and the dangers of the future after Thor: Love and Thunder

taika waititi natalie portman movie star wars thor: love and thunder

On the other hand, as you might have guessed, in New Asgard, a brand new little theater staged that battle with Hela, which we witnessed in ragnarok. And, not only repeat the same actors, Luke Hemsworth, Matt Damon and Sam Neill such as Thor, Loki and Odin, but they are joined by non-flammable Melissa McCarthy in Thor: Love and Thunder to parody the fearsome goddess who smashed Mjolnir. A group that, as if that weren’t enough, guides Ben Falconeactress partner.

Since post-credits scenes cannot be missing from a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, here we are offered two. Odin tells what happened during a visit to the City of Omnipotence, where Odin’s son decides to punish Zeus Russell Crowe with his own lightning for his laziness and impudence and pretends to hold them back. So the Olympian god now sends Hercules Brett Goldstein to kill him. A dangerous conflict that will unfold in the future.

And Taika Waititi’s audacity ends with the death of Jane Foster, whom he cured after Thor: The Dark World (2013) to get her a terminal form of cancer. And so he visited her Darcy-Lewis Kat Dennings in a chemo session. But the New Zealand director tried to remind the audience that the warriors who died in battle go to Valhalla. and there he gets Heimdall from Idris Elba to Mighty Thor in the second.

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