Over there lavender it is a versatile flower, it smells heavenly with persistence. Knowing when to transplant can extend her life so she can continue to watch her beauty bloom. It is a perennial and that is also possible transplanted only in two periods of the year: la spring and toGet started fromAutumn.

If the climate is still mild in autumn, it can also be transplanted in mid-autumn. However, spring is highly recommended because of the warm soil and the fact that the plant is dormant. In this state, the plant adapts better to the new environment and therefore has less stress than when it is in bloom.

As for transplanting in early mid-autumn, it should be done when the weather is not too hot, but not too cold. Transplanting and moving lavender plants to the garden can be helpful in helping the plant thrive. Use the fresh compost it is ideal for nourishing lavender. The latter can be replanted between vegetables and flowers to reduce parasites and attract pollinating insects.

After the lavender transplant, keep the plants moist without overdoing itto water. Remember to keep the space clear for the roots to establish. For the development of roots it is advisable to have some sand and gravel around them to protect them from the cold.

Source: Lega Nerd

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