Tochka and IIDF Accelerator launched a selection of innovative projects. The program is being implemented with the support of This was reported by the IIDF press service.

Tochka and IIDF launched the selection of projects for possible M&A transactions


The program is developed in two stages. In the first, experts will consider already mature technological projects with stable indicators: annual revenue of 10 million rubles. Both companies interested in investing and those that want to integrate into the Tochka ecosystem are allowed.

The geography of the program is not limited to Russia.

Priority will be given to solutions aimed at expanding the portfolio of services for clients, as well as strengthening the position of fintech in the market.

Top priority areas:

Services for foreign economic activity (FEA);

Services in the field of advertising and promotion;

Retail business services (offline retail/e-commerce);

RB.RU organizes a project meeting Founders Monday for beginners and experienced entrepreneurs. Twice a month on Mondays.

Services for construction companies.

Small startups can also participate in the program. Projects may receive investments of up to 500 million rubles. In case of mutual interest, mergers and acquisitions transactions are foreseen.

“We are looking for promising teams that can improve our customers’ experience and strengthen our position in the market. For these companies, participation in the project is an opportunity to enter the perimeter of the largest player in the Russian b2b fintech market and realize their ideas,” explains Anton Shkuratov, director of new business development at Tochka.

In early 2022, Tochka acquired the Marilyn group of companies and, last year, the startup EcomCom.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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