Chinese censorship has been very active for months with some of the highest grossing films in Marvel and Disney theaters. And how could it be otherwise, the caesura is also behind Thor: Love and Thunder.

It’s not a surprise. Several scenes in the new Marvel movie cross the red line of China and the Middle East. And for many reasons. We could see the first of them in one of the trailers of the film. Seeing Thor naked should have been problematic by now. In fact, in some regions, the image looked pixelated unless removed directly. However, there are other scenes throughout the film that are not to the liking of some conservative countries.

On the one hand, Valkyrie is openly bisexual, and this manifests itself in a conversation with Korg. This, in turn, also presents a scene that – from a conservative point of view – can be gay.

Again, more censorship against Marvel

The species to which the trait belongs can only reproduce by males. And while this is a feature of the universe in which there is no need to enforce regulations, Chinese censorship doesn’t think the same way. In fact, by all accounts, this is a way of veiled representation of a fact. Something worse for conservative opinion in China.

Thor: Love and Thunder It looks like he will suffer the same fate as his predecessors. On the one hand, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has also suffered from censorship in China or the Middle East. The scene involving America’s two mothers was a problem. Also the latest Disney premiere with Light year. The introduction of openly gay banned the film from Pixar in China, hoping to remove the controversial scenes. So much Doctor Strange which Light year They refused to make any changes.

Released worldwide on July 8, Thor: Love and Thunder is still waiting for a release date in Chinese theaters. The film company of the country is still studying the problem areas of the film. But censorship will likely end hopes for a Marvel movie in Asia.

Especially for the statements made by the actors themselves. According to its protagonists, in statements Dailywire, the gayest movie in the entire Marvel factory. Something that, despite the franchise’s criticism, is a legacy of something that was already a constant in the world of comics that all titles are based on.

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