Over five episodes Ms. Marvel made an amazing journey through the origin story of Kamala Khan Iman Vellani. The one that brought the character from North America to Pakistan. Also out of his routine home life in search of a greater purpose. For his season finale, Ms. Marvel returns to the central points of its premise and makes it clear that this maturing heroine has found her place. At the same time, the state of the extraordinary, which includes his ability to understand his own bifurcated nature.

Kamala is a hero who knows that a bigger, more difficult, and much more dangerous goal awaits him. A devoted daughter who told her family about her new abilities. Also a mysterious figure that traverses the city, displaying unusual skill. The time for fear and uncertainty is over. And Ms. Marvel finds the meaning of all her potential, which seemed vague in recent chapters. When not, you lose outright.

If something is critical Ms. Marvel Over the past few weeks there have been a strong ethnic accent that seemed to blur the superhero story. But the series, which recognizes that Kamala is not just a girl with powers, explores the question of belonging.

Life is easier with superpowers, right?

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This Muslim girl, who has just rediscovered the endless lines connecting her to her past, becomes the focus of a conspiracy. Back in North America, this time facing control and a difficult enemy, Ms. Marvel finds her deeper meaning. At the same time, that the full justification of his personality as hero, teenager and part of a big mysteryand what could I have guessed.

In the fullness of a newfound purpose

With Kamran almost unwittingly placed at the center of power between dimensions, Kamala must act. And not just for the unwitting victim of Los Clandestinos. At the same time, to prevent the fence that sprawled around them. The series explores what it means to be a hero for the first time in a traditional way in a world marked by surveillance.

Perhaps a little late for the breadth of the concept, Ms. Marvel Specify the reason for observation. In the post-splash world, anything extraordinary is suspect. If in five episodes Ms. Marvel was more interested in her character as part of the world, now she shows how the world is watching her. What it hides, or the power that supports it, is necessarily considered a threat. Is the world that Marvel shows survivors of a major event? Or is the franchise showing for the first time that heroism isn’t necessarily welcome?

What happens when a girl carries a formidable and unknown force on her back? More like the brilliant first two episodes, the season finale is an ingenious mirror game. Kamala personifies some ideal good will, absolutely ideal in the midst of a world that has suffered from a gigantic tragedy. Wearing an outfit that celebrates her past and present, this heroine is not a product of chance. It is the sum of all his parts and the end of the season, he remembers it in an elegant, insightful and well built way.

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However, the closing of the story carries with it the weight of a certain plot imbalance. Despite the good intentions, there is something unfinished and unfinished about the grand finale. either because Ms. Marvel ambitiously targeting dozens of different locations and failed to skillfully coordinate their approaches. Or that interest in a character’s cultural context takes time and develops into their most heroic version. Kamala, who can finally show her full strength, is a hasty version of herself. Small, without real development in equal proportions between the girl behind the mask and the one who knows how to show the meaning of the amazing. A dichotomy that, even in the last minutes, is becoming more apparent than ever.

Ms Marvel at full power

However, the season finale Ms. Marvel has a faster, more complex, smarter and well-constructed plot. A look at what the entire series could have been to find the best balance between the context of his character and a look at his abilities. When Kamala faces real and potentially uncontrollable danger, the show finally shows the kind of action that was expected of her. Also various nuanced messages in the background. The exclusion of the other, the battle for recognition and, in the end, the triumph of identity. All this in a brilliant short and slightly twisted adventure about a hero in the making.

The series makes it clear that the sinister character Ms. Marvel it is just one aspect of Kamala. And after spending three episodes researching its history, it’s nice that this dichotomy promises more than just publicity. And with a final cameo that was more than predictable, it’s clear that this exciting yet short and messy season finale is tied to the heart of Marvel. What’s the best thing about dating idols? This is what seems to portray Ms. Marvel in the most anticipated post-credits scene for fans of the series. Make them exactly the way you imagined them. Or at least that they bring another mystery with them.

Ms. Marvel will be back, indicates the series, before fading to black. And there is much to be explored in a little mystery that starts in the most unexpected way.

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