The penguin of the New Zealand it’s in danger because it’s the only one solitary species from penguin. It is in fact found in New Zealand and its sub-Antarctic islands. The data says there are only 3,000 mature individuals left in the wild. In New Zealand, their colony included only 265 breeding pairs dating back to 2019.

The union between environmentalists and groups of wild animals try to save the penguin from the constant e
more and more threats. The yellow-eyed penguin is one of the most endangered species in the world. I’m
rare specimens pressured by predators (sea lions, dogs, sharks) due to climate change and disease.

These penguins are excellent swimmers and manage to travel up to 60 kilometers offshore. everything for
look for its prey which consists of small fish. They can dive up to 150 meters deep
under the surface. They stay closer to the shore while playing.

Other major challenges for the penguin are climate change. The latter influenced the
sea ‚Äč‚Äčtemperature by changing the distribution of their food. Another danger is excessive fishingto lie
less filled with fish, it accidentally ends up in fishing nets.

Penguin babies are highly susceptible to diseases such as avian diphtheria. It lays two eggs every season
reproductive, but only incubates them when plenty of food is available. Less than 20% of their chicks survive above
to adulthood.

Environmentalists do much to help sick and hungry penguins. In 1985, a
nature reserve private to preserve, feed and reproduce them, which takes the name Penguin Place. Yourself
they are seriously injured and taken to Wildlife Hospital, Dunedin, where the specialist team has been left
takes care.

Penguin Place has received economic support from tourism before its closure due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Now it has reopened its doors and offers tourists tunnels where they can admire the penguins in their habitat without disturbing them.

Source: Lega Nerd

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