we return to see Captain Marvel during the post-credits scene of the last episode of Ms. Marvel. His appearance gave a lot of talk because of the consequences of his appearance and what we may see in the future. miraclesthe sequel to his solo film with Monica Rambeau aka Photon, Pulsar, Specter and even Captain Marvel and Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel).

During the post-credits scene, we see Kamala in her room, surprised when her bracelet begins to pulse. After a few seconds, she teleports to an unknown location, but then Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) appears in the teenager’s room. Displaced and disoriented, she runs out of the frame, perhaps through a bedroom window, to get a sense of where she is.

But behind this brief appearance of Captain Marvel lies a dark reality: the place where Kamala Khan teleported to. Most likely, she finds herself in some very deep point in space, in a battle for which she is not ready, or in a hopeless situation due to inexperience in using her new abilities.

But there is also a theory that her bracelet is connected to the Negative Zone, a parallel dimension that is actually a bubble universe of antimatter. In the first episodes Ms. Marvel it is taken from the inert hand of a blue humanoid creature. This suggests that it is the Nega-Band, an extremely powerful Kree weapon first seen in Marvel comics.

The relic is capable of converting mental energy into physical energy, endowing those who use it with great abilities. In the comics, Captain Mar-Vell obtains the Naga-Band but is trapped in the Negative Zone. At the same time that Rick Jones, a character not yet seen in the Cinematic Universe, finds the bracelet on Earth, he switches places with Mar-Vell.

This dynamic seems to be exactly the same between Kamala Khan and Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) in the post-credits scene in the last episode. Ms. Marvel. The Nega-Band theory is also supported by the discovery that Han is a mutant and that she is simply channeling her mental energy into physical manifestations, as we see throughout the series.

If the theory is correct, Kamala will have big problems, she will face dangers much greater than those she had to fight on Earth. it cliffhanger which must be resolved miraclesBut that’s not good for the character.

miracles (Before Captain Marvel 2) will be directed by Tia DaCosta from a screenplay by Megan McDonnell. It stars Brie Larson, Iman Vellani, Teyonah Parris and Samuel L. Jackson. It opens on July 28, 2023.

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