Previously seen as an almost inaccessible object by most players, gaming notebooks has become more open to the public in recent years. In Brazil, many brands are investing heavily in this segment, offering good options for mid-range and high-end models.

While there are so many options today, consumers still need to pay attention to some points. It is very important when purchasing your new laptop. After all, even in larger quantities on the market, these products are high investments and should offer the player maximum quality.

In this article, we have prepared simple tips that can be overlooked when buying a gaming notebook. Payment:

Construction, connections and heating

The structure, which is very dependent on the design and appearance of the product, is often neglected by most consumers. What’s the point of having powerful equipment and a fragile product at the same time?

Most affordable gaming laptops have a mixed carcassbut it is usually produced with plastic. Other more meaty models include good aluminum or metal sheets, can help with heat dissipation as well as provide greater durability. Unfortunately, this information is almost always skipped by manufacturers, so it takes extra effort to find these details.

Notebooks like new ASUS TUF F15 there is still military certificateguarantees protection against accidental drops, dust and shocks. These certifications can be very important if you plan to take the device on many trips or just want to be more secure with the product.

s ASUS / playback

Also, often thinner and thinner notebooks get warmer, because there is less room for heat exchange of parts. However, this is not a rule because Avell models bring a thin body and a lot of performance.

Finally, if you like to use a lot of USB connections on your computer, it’s worth paying attention to the following. connection Many models give up the classic ethernet connection, while others only have one or two USB Type-A ports.


The screen is another factor directly linked to the construction of gaming laptops. Users who value greater portability may prefer smaller models such as 14 or 15 inches, while others may still prefer this easier portability, but larger screens such as 17 inches.

There are many screens IPS panel or similar variations, but premium laptops like the Razer Blade 15 have an OLED display to maximize the gaming experience, but be prepared to invest a lot of money in such machines.

Refresh rate is one of the main factors when it comes to a good display, and it’s hard to find models with these features. less than 120Hz, others can reach around 240 Hz in premium projects. However, this feature mainly depends on the types of games played by the user. The higher the ratio for the competitive scene, the better, but if we’re talking about cinematic games like God of War, Control, and Red Dead Redemption 2, this factor shouldn’t matter that much.


s open/play

Most gaming laptop features RGB backlit keyboard, and often still has the option to customize it by field or key. For many users who like a more minimalist approach and don’t want traditional “blinking light ballads”, it may be interesting to invest in simpler models.


After the consolidation of the Covid-19 pandemic, the virtual world has taken more place in our lives. Business meetings, classes, seminars and simple conversations are now more likely to happen and have a good time via video conferences. webcam is important.

However, many gaming notebooks have weak cameras with 720p resolution, and such an important element, its quality is overlooked by manufacturers. Try to opt for models with 1080p resolution for better quality, otherwise you will have to invest more money with an external webcam in the future.


Battery and gaming notebooks almost never get along. This is because more robust components such as processors and video cards need more energy to run at full power, and the simple battery of laptops can’t handle it. Therefore, users are strongly recommended to play their games while plugged into the device.

D Future with GamesRadar

However, some batteries can be quite large or even heavy to put in your backpack for travel. The Alienware M15 is an example, with a huge battery that only works well when plugged in in games.

the right hardware

The best gaming notebook is the one that fits your budget and above all, will meet your needs well. Therefore, it is important to choose the right hardware to avoid headaches.

Gaming laptops under R$4,000 are hard to find. When we find it, we are usually talking about machines with processors. Intel Core i5 9th or 10th generation, plus 8GB RAM and 4GB GTX 1650 or GTX 1050 Ti.

s tecmundo

If you’re targeting laptops like this one, keep in mind that these configurations only run Full HD and medium quality games and are relatively old on the market. However, brands like Acer and Dell are making updates to these models: Acer Nitro 5 this Dell G15It brings newer processors and RTX 3050 or RTX 3060 GPUs from Intel and AMD.

These models face ultra quality gaming running in Full HD and even Quad HD with the help of DLSS and FidelityFX Super Resolution. The more expensive versions accompanied by the RTX 3070 are aimed at a more enthusiastic audience that easily exceeds R$13,000.

Finally, Prefer gaming laptops with 16GB RAM memory, to avoid crashes during gameplay. Also, if possible, observe if memories are being organized. dual channeli.e. two 8GB sticks. This adds improvements in the communication between memory and processor, ensuring extra performance.

With these tips, it will be much easier to invest in the right gaming laptop for your everyday life and will definitely guarantee a higher performance and long-lasting product to run major releases of the year.

Source: Tec Mundo

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