In recent weeks, reports have surfaced that the game may not be released this summer. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5. The reasons were varied, as both software and hardware difficulties were mentioned. But all this speculation is over, as it has been confirmed that the Korean firm is already in the acquisition process. certificates to put the smartwatch on sale.

especially, it was possible to see He said the company is already waiting in some organizations such as Korea itself or Thailand (NBTC). As always, once such information is known, not many relevant details have been seen as to what it has to do with the specs, but at least the future of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 has been confirmed. two variants: one “normal” and another Pro – the latter everything indicates it will have better hardware and access to 5G networks, for example.

what is expected of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

For a while, many of the options that this new smartwatch is expected to include, which will continue the use of Google’s WearOS operating system (with Samsung customization, of course) have been known. So we expect, for example, regarding design: two physical buttons This allows the accessory to look more like traditional watches and loses the rotating bezel of previous generations.

Samsung Galaxy Watch smart watch


Also, as always, the hardware will experience an improvement in both the processor and the integrated RAM to offer a better user experience with apps. It will also include a better screen especially since the brightness and pixel density will be higher. Another of the big innovations that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 will have is a temperature sensor being able to use the wearable device as a thermometer. The battery will charge more to significantly increase the autonomy.

their possible prices smart watch

Well, that might be one of the most compelling points of all time compared to the Apple Watch. This is because everything points to it. the basic model can cost around 275 eurosThat’s a pretty remarkable figure, considering everything it has to offer. Of course, the most complete model with a titanium coating can cost up to € 525, which makes sense because we are talking about the most premium Samsung Galaxy Watch 5.

The thing is, everything 10 August 2022 It will be the moment when everything about this team will be known, as it will accompany the new Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip at the presentation.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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