Apple continues to develop foldable iPhone of the future. According to website Informationproject has already produced at least two prototypes It may become a definitive version of the device in the future.

The devices are all in clamshell format, better known as shell or flip in Portuguese. Right now, Galaxy Z Flip 5 And Moto Razr 40 are the most popular devices of this format.

When opened, this type of device has a screen the size of a conventional mobile phone; When closed, it usually has a smaller secondary screen with only shortcuts and notifications.

The biggest challenge for Apple’s design team is thickness. The company wants to create a model that is thin enough to not look too thick when folded and stored. Another possibility is to add a large screen outside.

According to speaking sources, for now Information, Apple faces many challenges, especially in the areas of battery and display.

Foldable iPad is also in Apple’s plans

The original article also mentions that the foldable iPhone idea has been under development at the company for a long time. But he suspended the project in mid-2020when the priority of the department differs.

In parallel, Maça started working on a foldable tablet. It has a screen of approximately 8 inches and Body close to iPad mini size. This device would be a little easier to get off the ground, but it also comes with its own challenges.

Current iPad mini.

In this case, the challenge for the brand lies in reducing the marks on the screen resulting from multiple foldings in a row. According to the report, the foldable iPad would be released only after 2027.

Currently “in development,” the foldable iPhone could remain in the brand’s laboratories for about two years and be released after 2025.

Source: Tec Mundo

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