Eternal to be continued. At least that’s what the Tales From the Mod Queue leak suggests, signaling Marvel’s intentions to continue the story. His, despite split reviews and poor fan reception. But according to moderators threats Reddit dedicated to Marvel information, the study is interested in going deeper into some of the heroes movie. In other words, Marvel would seriously consider expanding the backstory of not a group of superheroes, but perhaps some of its most iconic ones.

Always according to Tales From the Mod Queue, continuation Eternal “on a right way”, which would indicate at least early production successes. The leak suggests that the study is looking into the possibility of integrating the characters into the rest of the stories in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. Also to connect the general idea of ​​the mythology of the film with a much deeper layer than what is shown on the screen. Rumor seems to agree with some Easter eggs which have been included in various recent Marvel productions and allude to Eternal.

On the one hand, in the recently completed Ms. Marvel public figure posters Kingo (Kumail Nanjiani). It may be recalled that Eternal pretends to be part of a long line of Bollywood actors, one of whose posters depicts the show. Fans also found a similar image in the first photos from the filming of the second season of the series. Loki. A poster announcing the Kingo movie could be seen in them, although it is not clear if this is the same version of the character that was featured in the movie.

Calculated risk for Marvel

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Of course, the new movie Eternal, which is considered a failure for Marvel, is a risky project that is carefully considered in the study. At the moment, Chloe Zhao does not seem to be involved in the project.. Although a source suggests that if that were the case, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige would “strongly restrict” it; and co-chair Louis D’Esposito. In fact, one of the hardest things about a possible sequel is the possible complete change in tone and rhythm of the film.

This would mean that the highly publicized creative freedom that Zhao enjoyed during filming Eternal would be drastically reduced. Also that there will be modifications not only in the way the superheroes are shown, but also in the relationships that are established between them. Half of the team is kidnapped by the Celestial Arishem and the rest are on a special mission, and everything is confusing. It’s also unclear what the plot of the sequel will be, which should bring both ideas together. Will it focus on finding Thena, Makkari, Druig and the rest of the Eternals in the company of Harry Styles’ Eros?

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Or will he focus on rescuing and releasing Sersi, Fastos and Kingo after Arishem’s trial? Any storyline is complex enough to sustain a sequel. But so far there are no official details about this. In fact, there is considerable silence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe regarding the information provided by Eternal. Outside Easter eggs as well as the unexpected appearance of two Celestials in Thor: Love and Thunder, the presence of heroes went unnoticed in the MCU. Even the gigantic figure of Heavenly Tiamut, which should be seen and awe in the Marvel world, hasn’t been mentioned so far.

Tough problem for Marvel


Eternal Chloe Zhao has been a problem for Marvel since its release in 2021. 47% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, the lowest manufacturer. On the other hand, the audience rating 6.3 out of 10 on IMDb. So if a sequel is made, it will be a risk based on a significant failure of plot and tone. One that Marvel doesn’t need right now among viewers and the critical issues it’s going through.

If indeed there is a sequel on the horizon Eternals, may be announced at the Marvel Studios San Diego Comic Con panel on Saturday, July 23rd. The event will take place at 19:30 in Spain and at 12:30 in Mexico. Also, this will likely be part of a future fifth phase, come true.

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