A new reality has shocked Colombian show business after it was learned that Majo Vargas had been detained by members of the United States Immigration Service in the past few hours. The 20-year-old was repatriated to his country.

The actress was traveling from Mexico to the United States when she was detained by the authorities who did not allow her to enter. According to expert entertainment journalist ‘La Negra Candela’, there were two reasons for this.

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The first is this Vargas would try to get a fake ID to get into a nightclub in the country. North American. You must be over 21 to consume alcohol at this place.

According to this version, the young woman wanted to party with her friends, so she made a whole plan to obtain an illegal identity. The authorities were aware of this and they would take action in this regard. This fact has not been confirmed.

The other hypothesis considered is that María José Vargas did not show the necessary permits to work in that country. The woman was leaving for business reasons to present herself to a meeting. casting.

What is known so far is that immigration officials not only deported him, but also revoked his tourist visa. In other words, the player will not be able to visit that country anymore after a while.

“For whatever reason, she can’t accept the offers there because of her situation. She came from Argentina to play the role of her boyfriend Julián Cerati’s house in Mexico, and they kept her in the deportation room in Migration. Colombia.” ‘La Negra Candela’ reported.

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The Paisa actress returned to Colombia after her difficult situation and reunited with her family without meeting for six months. She documented the moment they were reunited on her social networks.

“I went to another country to fulfill a dream 6 months ago and I haven’t seen my family since then, today I finally hugged them,” the artist said.

In the video you can see the feelings and greetings of their parents. The actor even cried for the camera while holding his mother close.

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