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7 serials that are political even if they don’t seem like it at first glance


Series on political issues have always been on television and now on platforms like Netflix or HBO Max. Long before “The Crown” and “House of Cards” hit the small screen and dazzled us, viewers were able to watch epic dramas like “Yes, Minister” and “Tanner ’88”.

However, many can be framed within this genre, but without being as obvious as we interpret it. They approach politics, corruption or the struggle of various forces from other angles or in a completely new way for the audience.

That is why in this report we will examine 7 series all the time and others this mask a little newer, some more than others, political intrigues and anything that can come to wrap this world.

7 serials that are political, although they may not seem so at first glance:

  • Years and Years (2019)
  • Handmaid’s Tale (2017)
  • Borgen (2010)
  • Veee (2012)
  • Wire (2002)
  • The Last Kingdom (2015)
  • Body Protection (2018)

Years and Years (2019)

Blended with comedy dots, this drama follows a completely normal family and its course. more than 15 years, with all the developments, especially at the technological level that could be. We are faced with a series that is very similar to the great Black Mirror at some points.

However, this offer from HBO Max (now from Movistar Plus+) puts us in a pretty convenient position because the dangers arise not only from the fact that we use this technology, but also from current situations that already exist in the contemporary world and are not solely dependent on us.

Topics like populism, protests, strikes, major crises, corrupt media and their fake news, power and technology blackouts, superpowers and unruly politics will flood this great series, which has only one season to really do anything.

highlight this each chapter develops a different year. The most worrying thing is that all the situations that have arisen have recently occurred somewhere in the Western world.

You can see it on Movistar Plus+.

Handmaid’s Tale (2017)

The Handmaid's Tale


This series of great worldwide successes has given us Gilead dystopiais a fictional town in the United States facing environmental disasters and a declining birth rate. It is run by a perverse fundamentalist and elitist group that seeks to return to traditional values.

on the other side few fertile women completely subjugated. Played by an award-winning Elisabeth Moss, our protagonist, Offred, is a maid in the Commander’s house, where one more woman is forced into sexual slavery in a last desperate attempt to repopulate the world.

In this eerie society, Offred must navigate among the Commanders, their cruel wives, pet Marthas, and friends, where anyone can spy for Gilead, all with one goal: survive and find the girl taken from him.

It’s going for its 4th season and you can see it on HBO Max.

Amazon Prime Video

Borgen (2010)

Borgen: Kingdom, power and glory

We leave with the Borgen series, a multi-award winning Scandinavian series for intrigue lovers. this will continue The rise of the first female Prime Minister, Birgitte Nyborg and everything you can imagine already revolves around this date.

One of the most interesting aspects of the show is how Birgitte evolves into her career and family life, faced with the double standards that women cannot deal with these “manly” issues, and it makes us realize how unfair it is. You have to deal with these issues while men in your position don’t.

It will struggle to stay in power without compromising its principles and ideals, and will face attacks not only from the right and the left, but also from its own cabinet and the press.

This drama combines perfectly political intrigue with unexpected twists this will stick you to screen after chapter. The series was acclaimed for its originality, strong female characters, and portrayal of Danish politics.

All three seasons are available on Netflix.

Veee (2012)


We’re facing a brilliant political satire from HBO Max describing the inner workings of the vice president and later the president’s office. Starring Selina Meyers, the movie is known for its rudeness, contempt for those around it, and a voracious appetite.

In addition to showing the inner workings of the American government, the protagonist’s personal life is explored, including her strained relationships with her daughter and ex-husband.

I want to say that you will be absolutely horrified when you learn that many political insiders describe it as such. The most accurate portrait of the American government on television.

There are seven very light seasons that will definitely hook you up. You can find them on HBO Max.


Wire (2002)


“Wire” is widely accepted one of the best serials of all time by giving us an insight into the various Baltimore institutions and their relationship to law enforcement.

This series shows us how and why this happened by focusing on the human figures trapped inside this corrupt system, and it can continue to happen even as some try to bring about change.

a paint deeply pessimistic overall picture, never giving up on the personal stories it contains, which is what keeps us hooked to the plot.

Over the course of five seasons, the series analyzes the illegal drug trade, the port system, the government, the city’s bureaucracy and, of course, the media. You can watch it on HBO Max.

The Last Kingdom (2015)

Last Kingdom

Let’s go with a pure “Game of Thrones” style series that would be perfectly included in this report, but what better way to give a chance to shows that perhaps you don’t know and are just as good and take politics from a different vantage point? opinion.

Well then, we’re going to the year 872. Most of the separate kingdoms that are now England fell into the hands of the invading Danes. To leave the great kingdom of Wessex alone. This is the context our hero Uhtred will have to develop.

And this one of Saxon origin is taken over by the Danes and raised as one of their own. So here is our problem. A context of war where he will have to choose between his home country and the town where he grew up.

The Vikings, eager to take more land, and the English native peoples, or rather the Saxons, who wanted to keep their lands. Uhtred need to navigate between two watersClaim what’s yours as you watch a new nation rise.

We leave you the link to its five seasons on Netflix.

Disney Plus logo

Body Protection (2018)


Finally, we go to the corridors where everything is. Bodyguard tells the fictional story of British Army war veteran David Budd. suffering from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

After helping prevent a terrorist attack, Budd is appointed as the top bodyguard to Secretary of the Interior Julia Montague, despite his loathing. I’m trying to hide it, Budd Her dedication to work is torn between fixing her political ideals and her fragmented and complicated life. family.

To all this we must add more actions: new terrorist attacks that our hero will try to uncover because behind it is a massive conspiracy of police corruption and organized crime.

We leave you the link of your season so you can watch it on Netflix.

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