After the post of Sylvester Stallone which led to the controversy over the spin-off film of rocky, Dragonnow the lead interpreter, Dolf Lundgrentried to put out the fire with an Instagram post talking about Stallone’s possible involvement in the film’s development.

Here are the words of Dolph Lundgren:

Just a few tweaks to the Drago spin-off: there’s no approved script, no final agreement, and no director chosen, and I think I’m getting the impression that my friend Sylvester Stallone is involved as both producer and interpreter. Last week there was a rather unfortunate news tip. I’m in touch with Mr. Balboa. So I tell all fans that they can be reassured.

Sylvester Stallone herself tweeted yesterday, referring to the spin-off:

I want to congratulate Irwin Winkler and family for throwing another fantastic character in the dust. # Shameless

Recall that a dispute has arisen between Stallone and producer Irwin Winkler over Rocky’s rights, as the actor is requesting a portion of the character’s copyright, which instead belongs entirely to Winkler.

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Source: Lega Nerd

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