this is Light year Pixar’s first real failure? It’s an awkward question for the studio, for Disney, for the fans, and for the animation genre as a conglomerate. It’s not just about poor box office performance or plot issues. Especially now that the movie is coming out on Disney+. To this day, no one seems to have clear answers about what was the defining factor in the film’s success at the box office and with critics. Especially when there is little interest generated by his arrival in streaming makes it clear that the film failed to meet its ambitious goals.

Light year should have revived Pixar. Particularly after two years have passed since one of his films hit theaters. In addition, he was responsible for the transition of the studio to a more adult audience. From Soul, released in time for Christmas 2020, Pixar had to contend with pressure over how it handled its stories on film. Because it is considered too difficult for children or, at best, with slightly ambiguous messages. The study has found itself at the center of a strange and increasingly frequent controversy.

To Light year, with its exploration of one of the studio’s most beloved franchises, seemed like an immediate response. With an original script and a vocal cast that included Chris Evans and Taika Waititi, it was a refinement of Pixar’s take on cinema. The film was a hard bet. It can be taken for granted that it will be one of the highest grossing hits of the year and an immediate critical triumph.

Change of direction for one of Pixar’s great projects


But it is not. Light year grossed a total of $80 million in all countries where it made its theatrical debut, although it was only expected to be able to achieve this figure through box office receipts in the United States. But the film received a figure well below the ratings. Especially compared to other successful Pixar projects. But even more disturbing was its immediate fall in the following days.

Second weekend Light year managed to collect 152.7 million worldwide. As for the United States, it has reached 89.3 million people. This drop was 64.1%, making it an alarming indication that this is the worst-rated film for Pixar. Even harder: it became an uncomfortable subject of debate that turned the film into an artificial and overblown controversy.

A controversy that has put pressure on its public exposure and how the film engages in dialogue with the public. Light year it fell short of its fundraising goals and, in fact, fell short of any ratings. One day, his speech turned into an awkward moment in a more elaborate diatribe.

At the end of my tour in theaters, Light year I have had to debate against inclusion and representation in children’s films. Particularly in a sensitive way that spans multiple levels and even explores how Pixar handles its biggest obsessions. Also, with the possibility of creating a classic that would be a narrative experiment of considerable beauty.

Light year and an upsurge of controversy

Light year

How much has the controversy Light year? The kiss scene between a same-sex couple transcended controversy about the film as a whole. In fact, the discussion on social networks was based on different opinions about the scene. In the end, feature film history faded into the background. So much so that analysis of his characters and plot seemed to mean little to the public.

This phenomenon has an interesting downside. Jurassic World: Dominion it became a modest box office hit. On the other hand, the monumental success Top Shooter: Maverick based in the type of cinema designed for pure entertainment. The plots of both films they withdrew from any controversy, debate or diatribe.

In fact, the movie, starring Tom Cruise, was named the “least cynical story of the year,” which explains part of its success. Among the dramas, allegories and cinematic speculations on sensitive topics, an oasis of friendly fun Maverickconquered the audience. and although dominion It didn’t have the same impact, it had a strong theatrical run that showed its weight as a saga.

Against, Light year it was a disappointment. Become a non-classifiable point in the midst of an aggressive debate. The film has lost the central point of its charm. With an argument that has tried to attract nearly three generations of fans, not only has it failed. In fact, he turned his premiere into an uncomfortable look at the transformation of cinema and its impact on the world of pop music.

By the time its theatrical run ended, Light year was already the second worst film to come out of the studio, only higher cars. At the same time, it became a rare combination of promotional success without box office success. And the big questions began to come in about what caused a failure of this magnitude.

unknown from Light year

Light year advertised as a production close to the universe toy story, that is, in a certain way. But since the premiere, there has been complete confusion about what was actually being told in this story. Was it a fun biopic about the real character that buzz was based on? Tribute? The film turned out to be at the same time going down a dangerous gray path. This is a narrative within the franchise, but adds little to its central story.

Did it alienate Pixar fans and toy story? Or was it a controversy exacerbated by various political issues that influenced the film? There is no easy answer to the broad question that goes into everything Pixar has done for almost five years. FROM Soul consider it incomprehensible Luke as an obviously ambiguous story and Net turned into a controversy on the networks, Pixar is at the epicenter of the hurricane. Is this the ultimate erosion of the research formula?

For now, its failure at the box office seems to make it clear that it was the wrong formula. In what degree? Nevertheless, the discussion continues, but something is certain. Light year this marked the lowest point in a particularly challenging scene for Pixar.

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