The official trailer for Royalteen – The HeirNetflix film starring Mathias Storhøi and Ines Høysæter Asserson, which will be released on the streaming platform from 17 August.

Royalteen is a love story about accepting your mistakes and fears, as well as the power of the internet. When Prince Karl Johan (Mathias Storhøi), Friends Kalle and newcomer Lena (Ines Høysæter Asserson) realize they have a feeling beyond friendship, Lena is torn between happiness and skepticism. Party Prince Kalle often appears on the pages of gossip and gossip sites, such as Lena’s own before she was discovered. Lena knows the difficulties of a relationship with the future king and has not told anyone, not even Kalle, her biggest secret: the secret that forced her to move from her hometown.

Source: Lega Nerd

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