produce spin off about the time before what happens in Game of Thrones this is reasonable due to its success. However, it may seem daring to focus on Targaryens With dragon house after the controversy over Daenerys’ fate. But the original series justifies this decision.

With the exception of the origin story of the Wall of Winterfell, which was built by the first Brandon Stark some eight thousand years ago to protect the Seven Kingdoms from White Walkers and the wildlings, the noble family is by origin valyria associated with most of the important events preceding Game of Thrones. They ruled for almost three centuries until the rebellion and death of Aerys II the Mad at the hands of Jaime Lannister ended his sovereignty.

In addition, with a different narrative mechanic than that envisioned by writer George R.R. Martin, the Targaryens remain at the center of the plot. On the one hand, we find that an important figure in the fight against threats from beyond the Wall belongs to this restless clan. On the other hand, the Iron Throne controversy is shaking with the arrival of Daenerys. so it fits watch some episodes face to face dragon house.

The Targaryen Madness in Game of Thrones

hbo max

An aspect that should become fundamental in the new series hbo max was transferred to Game of Thrones. We are referring to the mental state of those who make up House Targaryen. There is news of this throughout the seasons, with the evolution of the character played by Emilia Clarke being the best example. Since its appearance in Winter is coming (1×01)seeks our sympathy and maintains it until the last season.

Because, despite the signs and persistence of the writers, the audience did not want to realize that the madness of the Targaryens is a real danger. And it should be too dragon house. Suffice it to note the moments of great unnecessary cruelty in which Daenerys plays a major role. For example, when she approves the murder of her insufferable brother Viserys at the hands of her husband Khal Drogo in gold Crown (1×06).

His gradual empowerment, which we love as he encounters vile characters, is punctuated by gruesome violence. And in many cases against the advice of his advisors such as Sir Jorah Mormont, Lord Varys, Tyrion Lannister, Davos Seaworth or even Jon Snow. Crucify the infamous masters of Meereen without checking if they are all guilty of Oathbringer (4×04)execute Randyll and Deacon Tarly in “East Watch” (7×05) and ends with the destruction of King’s Landing in “The Bells” (8×05).

Coin of the gods falling on the good side

game of thrones episodes house of the dragon targaryen hbo max
hbo max

But let’s remember that in the episode Baylor (1×09), reveal to us that the wise and kind Maester Aemon could rule instead of his brother Aegon, the father of the mad Aerys. He tells Jon Snow in Castle Black, in front of the Wall. So one has to resort to Cersei Lannister’s words Man without honor (2х07)which more extensively echoes the aforementioned Lord Varys in bellsthe chapter in which Daenerys kills him n drakari.

“Every time a Targaryen is born, the gods flip a coin and the world holds its breath,” he tells Eddard Stark’s supposed bastard son. This hints at whether the face up is sanity or insanity with this offspring. And for sure in dragon house, they will show us both cases with different characters. how it happens in Game of Thronesin which chapter dragon and wolf (7×07) We also learn that Jon Snow is a descendant of Rhaegar Targaryen.

Also during the same dialogue with Maester Aemon, he predicts that the young man will have to choose between love and duty. Terrible thing that’s happening iron throne (8×06)when he agrees to what Tyrion Lannister begs him to do and kills Daenerys. To which the anger that dominates her for the loss of loved ones plunges her into the delirium of totalitarian barbarism. So the hero of Kit Harington is doing his duty for the benefit of the Seven Kingdoms. Because your coin will fall on the right side.

Palace intrigues and dragon battles: the future of the “House of the Dragon”

game of thrones episodes house of the dragon targaryen hbo max
hbo max

However, a couple of other questions Game of Thrones will prevail in dragon house. The shenanigans that powerful characters concoct to further their political goals by scheming in the dark corridors of the Red Keep and similar places are a common occurrence in the successful series. hbo max. The faces of Lord Varys and the great Petyr Baelish or Littlefinger stand out prominently. and episode wolf and lion (1×05) is a good example of this.

On the other hand, we can’t forget that the dragons themselves form another major theme due to the very nature of the leading noble house. And we suspect they will offer us even more wondrous details about these creatures, whose eggs are already featured in Winter Is Coming as Daenerys’ wedding gift from merchant Illyrio Mopatis. Three hatches in an amazing scene Fire and blood (1×10)and the mother of beings emerges from the flame unharmed.

Of course, we do not know if the Targaryens of two hundred years ago could have access to the prophecies about their future. which the one that doesn’t burn he received it in the form of horrific visions when he entered Qarth’s House of the Immortals all people are mortal (2×10). And if the then Three-Eyed Raven witnessed the past, like Brandon Stark, the rampaging Aerys on the Iron Throne during Blood of my blood (6×06). But dragon fights like the one in War trophies (7×04) they won’t disappear

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