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Thursday, June 20, 2024
Home Tech 5 4K TVs to Watch Football When Official Competitions Are Back

5 4K TVs to Watch Football When Official Competitions Are Back


Football is back, although it never really disappeared, if you take into account women’s football, the European Championship in England has just ended. Now men’s club competitions are back, that is, the most popular in the world: La Liga, Premier League, other European leagues, as well as the Champions League as a climax.

Not only will the World Cup begin in a few months, all the more reason to ask yourself the following question in a year: is it worth buying a new TV now? Probably yes, mainly because There is no shortage of models on offer in all ranges, with some TVs with OLED and QLED panels offered at relatively affordable prices..

Of course, they are all 4K Smart TVs with operating systems of all kinds and sizes, ranging from the smallest 43-inch models to some models that go beyond 70-inch models.

We have collected a few of them, although it is difficult to stop at only five models, because, as they say, the competition is quite tough.

  1. 43″ Samsung Crystal 43TU7095
  2. Hisens 50A6EG 50 inch
  3. Xiaomi F2 50″
  4. Toshiba QLED 55QA4C63DG 55 inch
  5. 48″ LG OLED48C14LB

43″ Samsung Crystal 43TU7095


43″ Samsung Crystal UHD Display

It goes without saying that today Samsung is still one of the most important TV manufacturers in the world, especially since it, together with LG, is one of the brands that dominate the production of panels of all kinds.

While there are many models for sale, in this list of 4K smart TVs for watching football, we wanted to include one that is affordable, 43 inches and priced at around 300 euros, which is not bad at all.

There are even cheaper 43-inch models, although they are usually from brands with much less travel than the Korean one.

Apart from the UHD panel, it also has HDR10+ and Alexa and Google Assistant virtual assistants to control it with voice commands.

Hisens 50A6EG 50 inch

Hisens 50AE7000F


Hisens 50″

A little more expensive you can buy a 50-inch TV, also a little over 300 euros. This is a much larger Hisense 4K model.

It also has Alexa as a virtual assistant and HDR, in addition to Dolby audio, so it’s a pretty complete TV in every aspect.

In addition, this is a 4K Smart TV that went on sale in 2022, which means that its software is fairly new and with enough updates in the short to medium term, which is one of the problems TVs usually face. with several years. .

Xiaomi F2 50″

Xiaomi TV F2, analysis and opinion


Xiaomi TV F2 Fire TV 50 inch

Xiaomi has updated its range of TVs with a very important innovation and these are TVs that use FireOS as their operating system, the same OS as the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

This guarantees more or less constant updates and good news in the long run. Plus, it has almost every app you could ask for on a Smart TV, including DAZN, Movistar, and more that you need to watch football.

We were able to test it and it really is a model that greatly improves the performance of other TVs that Xiaomi sells.

Toshiba QLED 55QA4C63DG 55 inch

Toshiba 55QA4C63DG


Toshiba QLED 55″

As we mentioned, QLED TVs have come down in price thanks to the rise of non-Samsung brands like TCL or Toshiba.

The latter sells one of the best and most affordable TV models with such panels, and 55″. That’s pretty cheap for the 449 euros it costs.

Use Android TV as your software, good news due to the large number of applications and possibilities offered by this operating system.

48″ LG OLED48C14LB



48 inch LG OLED screen

Like Samsung, LG is clearly one of the dominant brands in the smart TV market, especially with upper-midrange models.

This 48 inch OLED panel is a good example as it is one of the cheapest OLED panels right now.

It perfectly illustrates the price dynamics of these TVs, which used to always cost more than 1000 euros.

Source: Computer Hoy

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