Rings of Powerexpected series Lord of the RingsIt’s just around the corner. In fact, it’s a little closer than what you marked on your calendar. And that’s what Amazon Prime Video He decided promote the premiere a little.

However, it is worth noting that in some regions the original date is retained due to the time zone. On the other hand, the platform also announced that You can watch the first two episodes instead of one as originally planned.

In North America and Latin America, you can enjoy them from Thursday 1 September. In Mexico, for example, they will be available from 20:00. In Spain, they can be seen from 03:00 on Friday, September 2..

Be careful, these schedules won’t stay the same in the next chapters Rings of Power. In Mexico, they will see the light every week on Thursdays at 23:00, and in Spain – on Fridays at 6:00.. So, in the first country you can see them before going to bed, and in the other only when you wake up. Yes, this is a somewhat odd watch that Amazon has chosen, but it is what it is.

We don’t know the exact reasons for these changes, although more and more services are resorting to this type of movement to spark more conversation among audiences – Disney+ does this on a regular basis with Marvel and star Wars– .

In this case, these are millions of fans of the universe J. R. R. Tolkien those who are looking forward to the premiere, so of course time will not be an inconvenience for some of them. It’s also clear that Amazon is more than confident in the quality. Rings of Power; the most expensive series in television history.

Except for one more step at the last minute, First season Rings of Power ends October 13. There will be a certain part of the public that will prefer to wait for the release of all the episodes, so this date will be interesting for them.

Is there a danger of spoilers? Yes and no. The reality is that it all depends on your knowledge of the Middle-earth universe. If you have had the opportunity to read the stories of the British writer in addition to the most famous novels, the narrative will not surprise you too much. We know the production took some creative liberties because it’s an adaptation, but always under the control of the Tolkien Estate.

Now if you are one of those who have only seen the movie trilogy hobbit D Lord of the Rings Peter Jackson, we recommend that you watch the episodes Rings of Power as soon as you get the chance. This way you will avoid the inevitable disappointments that happen in different parts of the Internet, especially in social networks.

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