Apple will not continue production of the TV series titled My glory was that I had such friends who should have had the interpreter as the protagonist Jennifer Garner under the guidance of JJ Abrams. The duo will therefore not reunite after Alias.

The project was canceled due to the departure of Jennifer Garner, who could not participate in the work on the set of My Glory Was I Had Such Friends due to other work commitments. The story is taken from Amy Silverstein’s autobiography, which tells how the support of some people was essential to her as she waited for a heart transplant.

Warner Bros. Television and Bad Robot seem to be planning to find another production company that is still interested in developing the TV series. After all, it is a project that the house of JJ Abrams already wants to carry out in 2018 and it seems that the intention will remain the same after Apple’s no.

Jennifer Garner is currently working on another Apple TV+ project, The Last Thing He Told Me.

Source: Lega Nerd

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