Ollie is lost This is a story of friendship from which dozens of stories can branch out. mini-series Netflix starts with a simple premise: plush bunny Ollie is looking for his best friend. This is Billy, an adopted boy who is experiencing a progressive deterioration in his mother’s health. Based on this idea, the four-chapter story first explores many complex topics in a simple way. Then it gets dark. But, above all, it is a tender and emotional narrative as a whole.

Although Ollie is lost It seems that the mini-series is designed for children, there is a catch. Perhaps an adult audience who can get the most out of this story. While the little ones in the house may approach this story due to its playful and gentle nature, in part the elders have the opportunity to do so from the depth of memories and emotions.

Detailing allows you to better interpret what is happening in Ollie is lost. When it is discovered that this story, told from the point of view of some objects, is deeper than it seems, there is no turning back. Then, most likely, the viewer will be seduced by a well-animated story, with effective dialogues and a script that leaves some surprises. without free ends.

Ollie is lost
and the value of memory

As Ollie tries to find Billy, the only clue he has is his memories, a few highlights that give him some clue as to the boy’s whereabouts. The soft toy traces its roadmap through a series of references, both abstract and very general, such as a name Mark Twainusing your last name to refer to a train, or using aesthetics David Bowie into a bear. These are games designed to give the story a special sincerity, in addition to relying on literary and pop references.

Although these are different references, they all harmonize with each other. Ollie progresses in his task and meets other key characters in the story such as Zozo D pink. The first is a clown and the second is a bear that was created to wink at David Bowie. All three go on an adventure journey, interacting with each other, transforming while the protagonist finds images in his memory to continue progressing.

Until the third chapter Ollie is lost tells the story of an ordinary, almost ordinary friendship, enhanced by an engaging aesthetic and characters that are constantly evolving to find Billy. Nonetheless, from this episode, the story takes on a dark and painful tone due to the loss suffered by Zozo.. The amiable clown brings out his “dark passenger”, as one would say dexterto show a distant version of the kindness and closeness shown so far towards Ollie and therefore also towards the viewer.

paths of pain

As Ollie focuses all his energy on finding Billy, the story offers a twist in Zozo. This character can no longer find what he is looking for, his beloved Baby. This absence plunges him into a depression that reveals the worst side of human nature, represented in this clown-faced character. Through him, the series drinks a bit of horror and mutates into a frightening, violent, unsettling narrative.

The transition between discursive tones is one of the successes Ollie is lost. You can explore the backstory of each character. It offers a wide palette of emotions and nuances about the human condition. He justifies his actions and effectively completes each one without risking confusion or bore the viewer along the way.

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