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What if the biggest podcast platform isn’t just audio? YouTube can do anything


YouTube a giant pull any type of content to your platformlike moths coming to light, albeit unintentionally.

It has inadvertently become the largest music platform as users upload their favorite video clips. And something like this happens podcasts.

As analyzed by Business Insider, two different studies conducted by Cumulus Media and Voices conclude: YouTube is unintentionally the most used podcast platformBeating Spotify and podcasts from Apple and Amazon.

This is bad news for podcasters in general because YouTube is a video platform, not an audio platform. And for proprietary platforms like Spotify, all his efforts and wastage like paying Joe Rogan $200 million to “remove” him from YouTube and bring him to Spotify didn’t quite pay off.

Why users and creators Choose YouTube to enjoy or stream your podcasts? There are many reasons.

From the users’ point of view, many of them, especially Generation Z, are digital natives. They grew up consuming videos on YouTube and TikTokand prefer watching video instead of listening to podcasts.

There are also podcasts, because of his nature or the charisma of his heroesSeeing them talk more than just listening contributes more. This is the case for Nadie Sabe Nada, the popular podcast by Andreu Buenafuente and Berto Romero, which has more viewers on YouTube than Spotify and other audio platforms.

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Even many people who mostly listen to podcast audio do this on YouTube because from time to time they want to see the faces of the participants.

from a point of view creatorsYouTube is a great attraction because algorithms to reach more people are superior to others and also pay more for advertising.

As YouTuber Latasha James explains, “I’m getting leads for my business from five years of videos“.

many take 55% of what YouTube earns from adsThat’s higher than what Spotify and the likes offer.

YouTube, the leading podcast platform beyond its purpose… and it’s starting to make it happen. According to Business Insider, it launched a few days ago. a main podcast page on your website (US only) and last year named YouTube veteran Kai Chuk as the first head of podcasts.

Last spring, Podnews leaked YouTube’s plans to offer creators advanced metrics focused on podcasts, uploading content via an RSS feed, and more audio-only ads.

The giant began to wake up, And that’s bad news for dedicated audio platforms.

Source: Computer Hoy

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