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Why would you wait a few weeks if you are thinking about changing your car?


You may be thinking about changing your car and therefore we must inform you that it is better for you to wait before doing so. There are several reasons, and among them the license plate change that will occur in the coming weeks, so it is more advisable to wait at least a couple of days before buying a new car.

What will happen to DGT license plates? The letter used as an icon will change after three long years of using the same. Yes, this is a change. It may seem small, but the reality is that it is not. My colleague Chema Carvajal has already spoken in good faith about this change, explaining all the necessary details.

Until now and since 2019, cars registered as new have the letter L, so we spent three years seeing this letter on vehicles when normally the registration letter is changed every two years. This letter has been kept due to the pandemic and component crisis which has led to a shortage of vehicles.


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The use of the letter L since 2019, even for models that left the dealership a few hours ago, has made it more than necessary to move to the next letter.. There is still no specific date for the change from L to M in the license plates of all new cars sold in Spain, although it is known that this will happen in September of this year.

What does this have to do with buying a new car? When buying a car, there are several factors to consider, and one of them is the possibility of its resale, it’s better to have a new license plate instead of the old one because it ensures that its price doesn’t go down drastically after it’s removed from the dealer and walk as usual.

The presence of a new license plate does not mean that you can sell the car at exorbitant prices in the used car market. But it is true that it is an asset that can be used in price negotiations. For now, the only thing to do is wait to buy a new car and see the first M license plate circulating on Spanish roads..

Source: Computer Hoy

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