In his third chapter, Dragon House, which can already be seen on HBO Max, announced that a split in the royal family is inevitable. As Viserys becomes the first regent with an heiress, his position becomes unstable. Especially after the conclusion of the second marriage, which allowed her to conceive the long-awaited male heir.

To the right to the Iron Throne of his eldest daughter Reynira finds herself in the midst of a dangerous confrontation. The one that makes it clear that in Westeros Dragon House, a closer look at women is not only a prejudice. It is also a way of understanding how power is transferred in hostile sequences and is often accompanied by turbulent political transitions.

Again, the perception of women in the fictional world of George R. R. Martin is at the center of the televised debate. But this time, as opposed to focusing on Cersei Lannister’s cruelty or Daenerys Targaryen’s madness, the issue is different. What is the true meaning of the intrigues around the Iron Throne and Viserys I’s successor? The answer concerns not only the sex of the heiress. It also hints at the consequences that link the argument to complex thinking about control.

It’s not just misogyny, it’s a desire for the Iron Throne

Reynira, who is eligible for the Iron Throne, has the right age, the right background, and the right temperament to become a respected queen. But the court and Houses that keep the Realm stable prefer Aegon II’s unfinished promise, barely two years old.

in the plot everything seems to be concentrated in a type of traditional and hereditary discrimination. However, Martin’s story considers the connections between the different members of the Targaryen family in terms of the complexity of their family tree.

With a series of incest tying a family to a disturbing legacy, the decision of who takes the Iron Throne is crucial. Jaehaerys I installed him, deciding by common consent of the nobles to be his successor. In fact, the magnificent first episode of the series ends with a devastating verdict. “The King knew that the strongest House could only be destroyed by itself,” explains Reynira ruefully.

A vision of power, sex and fear that mimics reality

AT Game of Thrones— whose conflict arose from successive usurpation — the Targaryen dynastic line was feared. First Varys, Hand of King the fearsome Aerys II, and then Cersei made it clear that the House’s mental health was a problem. “Every time a Targaryen is born, the gods toss a coin, and the world holds its breath to see which way it lands.”. What seems to be a colloquial phrase, or at any rate an excuse for treason and murder, has to do with something else.

Particularly with the family’s decision to marry very close members. This ensures that the line of heirs is always within the control of the blood. Although, of course, this affects the mental and physical health of its members.

It is no coincidence that George R. R. Martin described them as very similar to each other. This is the way to show that Targaryens with platinum hair and purple eyes decided to create a closed group. As much as will affect their descendants in the future.

It’s also about something else. In the first chapter of Dragon House, the brutal scene of Emma Targaryen’s death during childbirth disturbed and baffled the public. But the sequence was deliberate. Looking back, this might explain the reason resistance to the accession of a female heir to the throne. It was a specific event that made it clear that the life of women in the era of imitating fiction was hard. So much so that the program emphasizes the theme in a brutal and gory way.

The horrors of a kingdom divided in the “House of the Dragon”

Iron throne, power and its possibilities

Viserys I fathered a male heir from a woman who did not belong to his house. Despite this, the nobles of Westeros consider his son legitimate. But if the same had happened in the case of Rainier, it would have been seen as a dangerous event..

Much more, by conceiving an heir who would become as much a part of his father’s house as his mother’s. What happened, though not directly or publicly, with Joffrey Baratheon’s rise to power. Thought to be the son of Robert Baratheon, he was in fact the son of Jaime Lannister, giving his family considerable and dangerous power. In turn, this led both Renly and Stanis to believe that they had the right to rule.

Thus, Rhaenyra’s position is to become, almost unwittingly, a major threat to her family and Westeros. Something that the birth of his siblings only makes it more difficult and difficult to deal with. The war is about to begin, and the same blood will flow in the veins of all opponents.

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