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Troll Wall Street or a scam? Netflix’s Upcoming Documentary Series Examines the GameStop Case


streaming platform Netflix announced its new production. A production in the format of a documentary series where they want to capture what happened with Gamestop.

Looks like he’ll be one of them series It will question amateur investors and whether there is some kind of large-scale movement behind the chaos they have caused.

For those who don’t know what we’re talking about, we’re throwing you into the background. GameStop company for trading video gameaccessories and related materials entered an alarming economic situation and some forum members and influential people on the Internet began to buy shares to increase the value of the company. Backpack.

This has been a clear example of the emergence of manipulation and fraudsters that people can encounter when they organize themselves over the Internet. Wall Street.


Wall Street interrupts GameStop saga (IN SPAIN) _ Official trailer _ Netflix

One of the most controversial series about the Game Stop store

This isn’t the first discussion we’ve seen as trolling on the internet since stocks soared. Game Pause. We’ve seen some security issues lately, such as bank data leaks, to be worrisome to say the least.

The series, which will premiere on Netflix on September 28, will be directed by Theo Love, known for other projects in the same format, including Little Hope Was Arson, The Legend of Cocaine Island, and Alabama Snake.

This series will see how a centralized and organized community from Reddit, TikTok, and Discord capitalizes a company that went bankrupt on the Stock Exchange.

There was a modern version David vs. Goliath or a the way to try to beat the capitalist model Stock market valuation of companies.

This series has been recorded in a descriptive yet humorous tone, so it will definitely be able to make us smile as well as tell us about the intimacy of this entire GameStop recapitalization process.

Source: Computer Hoy

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