YouTube host RandomGaminginHD overclocked the i7-920 to 3.6 GHz to test the Intel Core i7-920 and Intel Pentium G7400. The Core i7-920 was powered by 24GB of triple-channel DDR3 memory, while the Pentium G7400 was powered by 16GB of dual-channel DDR4 memory.

Cyberpunk 2077 tested at 1080p with High Crowds, Medium Textures, Medium Preset. Average performance with the Pentium is 75 fps, with the stock i7-920 – 57 fps, with the overclocked i7-920 – 65 fps. In very rare events the frame rate was reduced to 20, 28 and 26 fps respectively.

Forza Horizon 5 came in Full HD with ultra preset and TAA. The average frame rate in this game was 84 fps (Pentium G7400), 61 fps (standard i7-920), 64 fps (overclocked i7-920), in extremely rare events – 30, 24 and 34 k / s, respectively.

The Witcher 3 ran at 1080p with Ultra preset and TAAU. Average FPS in the game was 55 fps (Pentium G7400), 46 fps (i7-920 stock), 51 fps (i7-920 overclocked), in very rare events – 12, 18 and 20 fps.

Worked in Full HD with RDR2, Ultra Textures, other settings High and TAA Medium. The average framerate here was about 72fps with the Pentium G7400, 56fps with the stock i7-920 and 63fps with the overclocked i7-920. On extremely rare events we managed to get 34fps, 32fps and 40fps respectively.

In terms of speed, the Intel Pentium G7400 is always better at gaming than the Core i7-920. Even when overclocking the i7-920. On average, the average FPS difference across all games was 31% (72fps for the Pentium and 55fps for the stock i7-920) and 18% (72fps for the Pentium and 61fps with overclocking).

Source: Ferra

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