Director and musician Rob Zombie took two risks trying to adapt the cult series from Monsters. On the one hand, transform reboot in a new nostalgia-filled tribute dedicated exclusively to the original series’ closest fans. On the other hand, fall into cliche it is inevitable that every production that wants to glorify the other tends to carry.

To avoid the risk of both, the director went down the middle path. Transform the famous premise of the cult series monsters in a satirical parody of black humor sitcom or sitcoms. In addition, he added a full-fledged parody to the B-movies, from which he takes aesthetics and rhythm.

So the famous story of a classic monster family trying to survive in middle-class America, became something unclassifiable. But in particular, at the center of the script’s delicate balance, which had to be maintained by a careful dose of lethality.

Classic monsters, but without personality

Rob Zombie fails to find the sweet spot in a formula that requires very precise craftsmanship to execute. On the other hand, fitters it is a combination without solidity that mixes the charming with the satirical.

What would have been effective if it wasn’t for the fact that this prequel, about how Herman the Monster met his love Lily, was less linear and leaning towards the funny. It’s embarrassing that monsters collapse just because of what seems to be the main intention of the director.

Committed to lovingly paying homage to a series that has become a beloved little rarity on American television. But Rob Zombie does not achieve this and turns the argument into a crazy chaos without the slightest interest, even as a cinematic curiosity.

Jokes, monsters with nostalgia but no personality

What surprises you the most monsters is the lack of individuality of the script. And this despite the fact that we lovingly looked at the original show from different points of view. But the argument points to nothing but a construction full of winks and references that is not supported by solid elements. If in the original series the monster family was the epitome of cute weirdness, in the new version, it’s a joke without the slightest bit of finesse.

On this occasion, the familiar black and white footage of the original is transformed into a colorful setting of oversaturated tones. The effect shatters the subtle illusion that the film could be a heir to the original series and brings it closer to a parody aesthetic. An idea that could at least have a visual purpose is to give the story its own space.

Rob Zombie very soon loses the ability to support his idea as a whole. For a director, paying tribute isn’t about remembering the most recognizable moments. monsters, like an icon of innocent comedy. In fact, it plays with the intent of a much more malevolent and modern background, more to do with the idea of ​​the idiosyncratic as a privilege of the few.

famous story about monsters turned into monotony

So Herman transforms from a loving family man into a laboratory creature with the brains of a comedian obsessed with winning. Lily, meanwhile, transforms into a dark beauty who succumbs to the charms of this clumsy, bad-tempered monster. Everything happens in a hurry, without unnecessary explanations. Scenario monsters makes it clear that you do not need them or that you will not offer them in any case.

From the flamboyant aesthetic to the crazy story it tells. monsters he is more interested in forced mockery of the darkness than in delving into any point of his argument. So much so that he put aside interest in one premise. What exactly is the movie about? Actually, the script jumps from one side to the other with no real content. It could very well be the story of Herman trying to achieve fame, or the desperation of Lily’s father, an old vampire who must now fear for the family’s stability.

And again, Rob Zombie tries to convey a satirical look about what our culture considers to be love and norm without reaching it. Which makes the story of fearsome creatures turned into an ordinary American family less than an anecdote.

monsters in monsters that don’t make you laugh

During the first half hour of the new film from monstersdirector almost accidentally pays homage to Mel Brooks and his young frankenstein. The atmosphere of distant neon Transylvania is so unpleasant that it is almost tiring. Rob Zombie wants to make it clear almost immediately that his film is not being taken seriously. That this ode, devoid of meaning and content, is only a mockery of a great concept, which it does not carry to the end and which, in the end, completely disappears.

But even this provocative atmosphere is so clumsy and ambiguous that the humor turns into a bittersweet parody of failure. As the film progresses – even with such charming cameos as Cassandra “Elvira” Peterson – it becomes clear that the director has lost the meaning of his story. At least the ability to carry it in a central direction. The director never manages to get past the hurdle of comedy that doesn’t make laughs, just to try to make laughs without having the right tools.

In the end, and only for almost the last ten minutes, this prequel, which also works as rebootcome to some conclusion. But showing the monstrous family as popular culture remembers it is a small triumph amid a massive plot disaster. Without a doubt, the biggest problem with this chaotic production is that they almost accidentally try to create a mocking scenario.

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