Just released the teaser trailer for Gangs of London 2, in anticipation of a new season of the cult Sky Original. In the new images, fans of the adrenaline-fueled English action-crime drama will find Elliot, the former undercover cop played by Sope Dìrísù, and the other protagonists of a second season full of twists and compelling action sequences with a cinematic breath. The second season of Gangs of London will be available exclusively on Sky on October 26, streaming NOW only. All episodes in the original version with subtitles will be available on demand starting October 20.

A year after Sean Wallace’s death and the violent confrontation of the first season, the map and soul of London have been completely reimagined. The remaining members of the Wallace have been dispersed, the Dumani have now been expelled and expelled, while Elliot is now forced to work for “the Investors”.
Tired of watching a city fall into chaos from above, the “Investors” have united with the heroin lord Asif Afridi and dominate, thanks to the drug trafficking monopoly and leadership of the brutal Koba, London. But this monopoly won’t last: old acquaintances and various newcomers will fight against the new order, forcing sworn enemies to band together and members of the same family to betray each other. Who will win the battle to conquer the soul of London?

The critically acclaimed and BAFTA-winning first season was the biggest launch of a Sky Original series on Sky Atlantic in the UK in the past five years.
Season two will see Ṣọpẹivali Dìrísù, Paapa Essiedu, Lucian Msamati, Michelle Fairley, Orli Shuka, Pippa Bennett-Warner, Brian Vernel, Narges Rashidi, Asif Raza, and Valene Kane return.
Alongside them are Waleed Zuaiter (Baghdad Central, The Spy) as Koba, French rapper Jasmine Armando in her first television role as Saba, Fady El-Sayed (Baghdad Central, A Private War) as Faz, Salem Kali (The Prophet, Dealer) as Basem and Aymen Hamdouchi (SAS: Red Notice, Criminal: UK) as Hakim.

The series was created by Gareth Evans and his creative partner Matt Flannery. Gangs of London is a production of Pulse Films in association with SISTER for Sky Studios and AMC.
Executive producers on the series are Thomas Benski, Jane Featherstone, Tom Butterworth, Corin Hardy, Helen Gregory, Gareth Evans and Matt Flannery. Hugh Warren is the Executive Producer of Season 2, directed by Corin Hardy, Marcela Said and Nima Nourizadeh, written by Tom Butterworth, Lauren Sequeira, Danusia Samal, Rowan Athale, Meg Salter and co-written by Steve Searle.

Source: Lega Nerd

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