He was faced with several articles published on social media about the use of the drug Minoxidil. – by mouth – For the treatment of baldness, some medical organizations such as the Brazilian Society of Trichology (SBTri) and regulatory agencies (Anvisa in Brazil and FDA in the USA) have advised against the use of tablets.

Although the topical use of the drug is considered to be effective in treatment worldwide, alopecia, prescription in pill form is considered “off-label.” This means that the drug has been prescribed. outside the indication guidelines approved by the regulatory agency.

In this context, Luciano Barsanti, head of SBTri, Brazil Agency Since oral minoxidil is a medicine for the treatment of high blood pressure, it can cause widening of the arteries and serious risks for the patient. The doctor says that in this case, the benefits of dealing with baldness will be only secondary.

Why are some dermatologists and patients switching to oral minoxidil?

The beneficial effects of minoxidil have been discovered, according to Brittany Craiglow, professor of dermatology at Yale School of Medicine. happy accident. “For the treatment of hypertension” after its approval [na década de 1970]”There have been reports of patients having excess hair while taking medication,” the dermatologist said. health line.

After some scientific studies in which men with androgenic alopecia take vasodilator pills, “there is currently a fairly substantial literature supporting the use of low doses of oral minoxidil for hair loss,” says Craiglow. In addition to cosmetic gains, another attraction is the low dosage and price of these pills.

“I start my patients with 0.625 mg (one quarter of a tablet) and then increase it by another quarter – usually up to 1.25 mg,” explains the doctor. health line Founder of FACET Dermatology, Dr. Geeta Yadav. in the USA, generic minoxidil can be purchased for as little as $3 (US$16).according to the doctor.

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Are minoxidil pills banned for baldness?

Although not recommended by Anvisa, oral minoxidil prescription for baldness treatment is not prohibited. In this way, dermatologists have medical autonomy to evaluate each individual case and decide whether to specify the product, as the effects of the substance are considered scientific.

The biggest risk in these cases, says Dr. Luciano Barsanti is associated with the practice of self-medication. For this reason, SBTri strongly recommends that baldness treatment should always be done under the guidance of a qualified professional, like a trichologist, Who is a dermatologist who specializes in hair and scalp?

This also does not mean that oral minoxidil is not safe. “While this means that it has not been specifically studied in clinical trials for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia, topical minoxidil has been studied,” concludes Dr. Craiglow.

Source: Tec Mundo

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