The latest information available about Camilo Fidel Pinzón, the television technician convicted of the death of young Helena Laserna (grandson of the founder of the University of Los Andes), was in Brazil.

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EL TIEMPO interviewed him in October 2022. when it is learned that a judge found him responsible for Laserna’s death and sentenced him to 46 years in prison. Despite having received a blue circular from Interpol for his location, Pinzón pleaded not guilty and escaped justice for several months until he was seen in Bogotá a month ago.

Despite being convicted of aggravated enforced disappearance, he visited restaurants and even a small shopping mall. The Army Gaula has been informed that Pinzón has moved. He said he was often seen riding in private cars at the height of 168th street north of Bogotá by road from Ecuador and in the seventh race.

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Later, it was learned that he contacted his family members, including a 24-year-old teenager, because he wanted some favors.‘, the researcher explained.

Helena Laserna’s family (especially Pinzón’s ex-partner Liliana Laserna) They were warned that the convicted person had returned to the country, and after several days of surveillance they managed to find him.

Pinzon found guilty of cheating Liliana Laserna assures that she took young Helena to a treatment with stem cells in Chile to help her recover from autism. However, the girl never left the country and later died.

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His body would be cremated. On one of the Laserna family farms: Achury.

Someone Investigators determined that Pinzón had gone from living in luxury apartments and farmhouses to renting rooms in a house in the El Codito neighborhood. and still using an old cell phone.

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Although his capture was known a few hours ago, EL TIEMPO found that he was executed by agents on Monday, June 5th. CTI of the prosecution. Initially, it was presented to the Bogotá Court and later to the First Criminal Court of the Cundinamarca Specialized Division.

HE The office requested an incarceration ticket to be sent to La Picota.

CTI researcher Hernán Javier Correal Rodríguez describes how More than a thousand hours of recordings of cell phone calls by Liliana Laserna, Camilo Pinzón and Claudia Patricia Pinzón (sister of the convicted person) played a key role in illuminating the mysterious disappearance.

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despite being her mother Helena was detained for several weeks, The decision cleared him of any responsibility.

The acquittal of Ms. María Liliana Laserna was an act of justice and beyond declaring that she was not responsible for the deplorable disappearance of her daughter by Mr. Camilo Fidel Pinzón.Criminal lawyer Camilo Sepúlveda, a lawyer of the Laserna family, said, first of all, it is the restoration of her good name as a citizen and mother.

despite Finch while the money and property that will remain in Liliana Laserna’s possession continues to be traced.

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Liliana had an income from an apartment here in Bogotá and gave it all to Camilo; and the sale of another apartment that the mother left for her to look after the daughter. All that money was given to Camilo Fidel, a fortune (…). Liliana bought five luxury cars, a Jaguar, a Kia Quoris, a Toyota Fortuner, a Volkswagen Beetle and wouldn’t let Liliana drive it because it damaged them.” is heard in a statement released by EL TIEMPO.​ ​

finch appears On the networks of photos circulating Europe and even rewarding him for accessing several high-end cars. Tracing these properties will be the second phase of the investigation.

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