Starting today, October 4, the new graphic novel from Zero calcare entitled No sleep till Shengal. It is a hardcover volume consisting of 208 black-and-white pages, for sale for 23 euros, both online and in bookstores and comics.

Here is the cover of No sleep till Shengal.

No sleep till Shengal

This is the description of the comic:

In the spring of 2021, Zerocalcare went to Iraq to visit Shengal’s Ezida community, threatened by international tensions and protected by Kurdish militias, and document their living conditions and struggles. The journey proves difficult as the Italian delegation is repeatedly rejected at the various checkpoints controlled by the various political and military forces sharing control of Iraqi territory. This comic book is the photograph of a precise geopolitical moment, when a handful of people resist the inordinate power of those who call any attempt at resistance “terrorism,” as power structures slowly change, turning the dream of democratic confederalism into an all-too-often forgotten one. piece of Mesopotamia is in danger of disappearing forever, in the deafening indifference of the West.
A long testimonial in comics, with shades of gray by Alberto Madrigal.

We remind you that from December there will also be an exhibition on Zerocalcare in Milan.

Source: Lega Nerd

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