chapter eight Dragon House, from HBO Max, showed what the start of the Targaryen civil war would be like. In what is probably the best episode of the season, confusion of words reveals a rift that will divide the Royal House. He will also turn Westeros into a full confrontation scenario, in which a battle will unfold that will destroy a good part of the Targaryen dynasty. And all for the sake of the decisive scene, in the center of which was the death of Viserys I.

New episode Dragon House managed to cross the line of all those who covet the Iron Throne. On the one hand, the Hightowers have demonstrated their complete control over what happens in King’s Landing and the consequences it will have in the future. On the other hand, Reynira’s determined strategy to maintain her right to the throne. Between the two, the complete physical exhaustion of Viserys I, unable to exercise power, at least not directly.

The dispute showed a pulse in defense of the right of succession that the queen and her father had upheld against the Princes of Dragonstone. One of the most critical moments, when the dying Viserys secured the rights of Luceris Velarion during the High Tide. With the death of Waymond Velaryon, Hightower’s first grand strategy against Rhaenyra seemed to be averted. Much more when, hours later, all the Targaryens sat down at the table and had a unique family time.

House of the Dragon is a new series in the Game of Thrones universe.

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Complete fracture in the fire line Dragon House

It was then that an event took place that would forever change the history of the dynasty, in whose veins dragon blood flows. Spending the last of his strength to clear up affairs in the kingdom, Viserys falls into a slow agony along with Queen Alycent. Amid grief-stricken delirium, the king begins to speak loudly about his succession to the throne. At least that’s the conclusion Alycent immediately comes to. “Aegon. His dream. Song of Ice and Fire. It is true what he saw in the north. The promised prince,” mutters the king in Dragon House.

House of the Dragon, Targaryen

Alicente listens intently, confused and unable to understand that this is an ancient prophecy of Aegon the Conqueror. Viserys repeated the same thing to Rhaenyra the night he decided to name her heir. Actually, it can be seen that the old monarch does not know that he is talking to the queen, but he is convinced that he is talking to her daughter.

Two nights ago, the princess went to the royal room to ask her father for support in the future in asserting her rights. “You told me it was our duty to rally the kingdom against a common enemy,” she sobbed in despair. “By appointing me as heir, you divided the kingdom. I thought I wanted it, but the load is heavy. It’s too heavy,” Reynira admitted. The words of Viserys, already very far from clarity or recognition of the person who is with him, continue that conversation, as it were.

“Prince… to unite the kingdom against cold and darkness. You. You’re the one. The one who has to do it.” The monarch, at times losing his clarity of mind, now repeats snippets of past conversations. But for the surprised and then determined Alicent, the point is clear. Viserys changed his mind about the succession to the kingdom and did so in favor of their eldest son: Aegon.

The King’s Last Wish

For Queen Hightower, the question is obvious. The husband found the strength to express his last wish. Unaware of the Targaryen prophecy, he no doubt concludes that a Prince is needed for the stability of the Iron Throne. This death gave Viserys clarity in understanding the needs of the Seven Kingdoms. However, Alicente does not stay by the king’s bedside until finally Viserys hints that every word was the result of delirium. “My beloved,” Viserys I mutters before dying, making it clear that, in his opinion, he spoke with Emma in the last moments of her life.

According to the book fire and blood George R. R. Martin, the death of Viserys is a turning point that plunges the kingdom into all-out war. Alicent hides the king’s death long enough for Ser Christon Cole to kill anyone who supports Rhaenyra.

Finally, and a week after the death of the monarch, his death is announced and the coming to power of King Aegon II Targaryen, who takes the throne. On Dragonstone, the rightful heiress gathers her faithful and decides to challenge King’s Landing. The war has begun and with it the decline of House Targaryen.

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