One of the most memorable films of the 90s will have a sequel. Near twister (Tornado), released in 1996, directed by Jan de Bont and starring Helen Hunt D Bill Paxton. The project is at the pre-production stage and has the name: twisters (or Tornado, in Spanish).

According to information from term, Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment are holding meetings with different directors to choose the best one for the project. It is worth remembering that twister It was one of the highest-grossing films of its year of release, grossing almost $500 million. And this at a time when distribution and marketing were different from today.

The aforementioned media outlets also note that the project will receive financial support from Warner Bros, although Universal will be responsible for managing the project. Continuation twister already have a producer in charge of it, Frank Marshall. This creative is one of the names in the industry, during his career he added five Oscar nominations and was associated with projects such as HeyDiana Jones, gremlins D Return to the future.

What else is known about the sequel twister?

Other name associated with sequel twister It’s from Steven Spielbergwho, through Amblin, a production company he co-founded, showed interest in a script submitted by Mark L. Smith, with whom he had already participated in revived. The attention didn’t stop there.

According to Mick Fleming Jr.’s text, Spielberg’s interest mobilized some issues for the project to grow stronger. Top Shooter: Maverick, one of the most commercial films of 2022. However, the director did not proceed with the project due to another commitment. Which consists of a Formula 1 movie starring Brad Pitt and is being developed by Apple TV+.

article term emphasizes that the directors in question are the following (although it is possible that other names appear):

  • Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vaserheli from free solo.
  • Dan Trachtenberg of predatory prey.
  • Travis Knight from Missing Link D Kubo and two strings.


While not everything is decided yet, according to Fleming Jr., the production companies want Helen Hunt to be the bridge between the two films.. One idea being considered is that his character has a daughter, a product of his relationship with Bill Paxton. Most of the drama will focus on her and the passion she inherited from her parents in chasing the tornado.

It is worth remembering that twister It was one of those films that became a hallmark of the ’90s generation, thanks to its dramatic intensity and commitment to special effects. At a time when several topical franchises are being revived in those years, it’s good to remember one of the dialogues in the film: “The tornado warning continues.”

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Source: Hiper Textual
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