original plan XTee West’s eighth film (2022) and another in a long list of titles inspired by Stephen King novels, already indicates that this is a different proposal among horror films. Others, similar in their choice and unusual moderation for this heavily abused genre, follow each other throughout the frame. But not without the American first intriguing us with the dire consequences of what he wants to tell us. in extreme resolutionpreserving the images and thus managing to arouse our unhealthy curiosity.

We do not know whether such artistic exercises stand out in their execution, which combines shooting a seventies porn movie with gore slasher and what Stephen King really liked about it is that it is funded by A24, the company responsible for titles like under the skin (2014) Witch, hereditary (2018) in the middle of summer or Lighthouse (2019), apart from others highly acclaimed by moviegoers. But its reliability and undeniable cult status is no accident.

However, what is achieved by a certain weird transitional parallel montageQuick and concise, it confuses us before we understand what it is aiming for. On the other hand, perhaps the horrors faced by people passing through deep America are an all too recognizable theme; from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) above all and his thousand and one return visits. But what really matters is what is done with it, no doubt.

It’s a shame that X do not squander vocal resources in a minimalist soundtrack Tyler Bates and Chelsea Wolfe, who, along with the main presence of Mia Goth as Maxine and Pearl, irrevocably remind us Wellness treatment (2016), in which they were thanks to the work and grace of composer Benjamin Wallfisch and the Crouch End Festival Choir. Listening to them more, the audience’s restlessness would rise several whole numbers from the opening scenes. Beyond pornography and gore.

“X”, a promise that ends up breaking


We don’t expect Ti West to make us nervous about the elements and tricks which he uses on occasion, that is, such seem to us very unexpected. But others turn out to be much more subtle, respectful, and ultimately less conventional than what horror usually offers us; both on the big and small screen. and indeed need time to flash final dramatic tension. Because rushing is not good if you want to excel with A24.

Sometimes you even think about Visit (2015), in any case, light years away. Except, X worries us outside of porn in more than one way that M. Night Shyamalan would never use in his feature films, and Ti West is well aware of that. And this not only gives us a movie within a movie, if you can call it that so as not to offend feelings, but also more meta-cinematic ingredientsbut without pleasant arrogance cry (since 1996).

Except, play with our expectations about when and for what reason there will be an explosion of violence. AND, Suddenly credibility eludes him out of control in an unacceptable way after this case, and disturbed surrealism takes over the transitional scene. Because the typical impulse in the genre is not enough for this turn to be taken just like that, and not because the personal situation provoking it is not developed: the consequence is not justified.

Ty West’s attempt to stage another terror with the A24

x ti west crítica stephen king a24 porno gore

What comes next, without porn and with the same audio-visual moderation, but with a childish taste of bloody blood and some usual deadly creativity, we will not say that it is reduced to dynamics slasher normal. She’s working hard to get out of her routine a bit, but not so much that we don’t see her as annoying disappointment In all rules. What Ti West promised us in X not done; or dignity never existed, and we harbored only false illusions.

Most professional critics rate the film as the director’s masterpiece rather than independent ones. devil’s house (2009) or Sacrament (2013). Maybe because of him larger composite. And our beloved Stephen King agrees with them:X It’s a very good horror film.” published On Twitter. “Terrible, smart, cunning. Oh, and entertaining.” So, at least for once, we cannot agree with the great writer from Maine.

Source: Hiper Textual

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