If anything surprises in the twentieth episode of the last season Walking Dead, from Disney+, is how he understands the feeling of being in control. A breathtaking look at the remnants of a civilization that is struggling to rise up around the Commonwealth. But what is this corrupt, alienated and cruel center really, if not a fragile illusion? Walking Dead, which showed the fall of the world as it was at some point in the past, now shows it as it could have been. However, perception is disturbing in all its breadth. What awaits on the threshold of the apocalypse of monsters with human faces?

Thus, he announces that the conclusion of the series will focus on its main themes. walking Deadmeditated on survival and then on pain, loss and fear of destruction, now something more. A painful, hectic, and twisting journey through the twisted spaces of what his characters can and will be. Perhaps that is why the leadership of Pamela Milton becomes a matter of honor.

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In an eloquent and well-constructed look at greed, and with a compelling need to get Yumiko to sentence Eugene, Pamela makes two key points clear. On the one hand, then Walking Dead continues to explore the broad and painful idea that the Commonwealth is nothing more than the core of dominance. On the other hand, that any protest is a sign that the deceptive utopia is about to collapse.

Walking Deadlong way to nowhere

Strengthening leadership in the Commonwealth remains a top priority in Episode 20. Especially since the idea of ​​the whole structure of the final season of the show comes from a direct perception of its importance. Thus, Pamela Milton’s iron fist continues to be violent, cruel, and manipulative. Isn’t that a great lesson in the devastated terrain of the future? But of course, Walking Dead he does not lose his essence by making a brief review of his painful points.

Years later, during which the series seemed to drift from one place to another with no direction, the plot tension was back again.. And this means that inside and outside the walls the perception of the necessary and the merciless is again confused. What does Pamela Milton need to maintain the precarious peace she enjoys in her little territory of iron discipline? It seems that the lessons of the ninth episode were not entirely clear. Even worse, those that are associated with the main idea of ​​​​the production that danger lurks and lurks.

Race against time

Hornsby, who spent the start of the season as a volatile and increasingly expendable powerhouse, eventually lost value. At least that’s what the argument makes clear. Something that Walking Dead works with skill, albeit in well-known ways. Hornsby is incorrigible, but also a thing that sooner or later will prove useful. Which the? The series, like so many other things, seems to have lost the sense of how to define its characters and their end stories..

So other than the horror, when the character feeds the mummified Sebastian Milton, Hornsby doesn’t change much. In fact, as soon as he meets Carol again, his vulgar Machiavelli feeling returns. This persistence in manipulating the few intellectual and emotional tools around him. Target? Gain an advantage by becoming the near-recognized leader of the Commonwealth.

As usual, Daryl is once again unpredictable at the center of events. He is the man behind the lines to rescue Hornsby. Type god from the machine complex as darkness. How many times will Daryl be the hero of the day, unexpected, arriving at the right time? Walking Dead he seems to be unable to do without his favorite tricks, his aches and pains. About his persistent sense of moving in concentric circles to achieve his goal. Something is more evident in the twentieth episode of his final season.

unanswered questions in Walking Dead

In many ways, Yumiko seems to be at the center of a sense of urgency due to internal pressure on the Commonwealth. Convicting Eugene is a priority for Pamela, and this is clear from the twentieth episode, full of political movements on the edge of the main plot. Will the character be able to protect Eugene once and for all? Will he be able to make the painful journey that will eventually lead to redemption?

Still Walking Dead he carefully guards his secrets. So much so that this weird 20th transitional episode leaves questions all around. After all, Hornsby, it seems destined to happen? Will Eugene find a heroic moment to show the will to survive? tour of Walking Dead towards the end it is complex, lengthy and painful. But consistent enough to show that the series still has a lot to tell four chapters before the finale.

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