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Netflix in an unusual situation: now the audience wants the cancellation of the series


Netflix will replace in season 4 Witcher a Henry Cavill on Liam Hemsworthand this decision was like a slap in the face fans. Many ask Netflix is ​​shutting down The Witcher.

From the outside, Netflix’s solution to this problem looks like a complete disaster. Anyone can see that if The Witcher was a hit with audiences, it was mostly because of its lead actor.

Henry Cavill as Geralt of Riviajust like how Viggo Mortensen got into the role of Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings and no one else can play him.

And we don’t say that. It says Andrzej Sapkowski, author of the books on which The Witcher is based. Cavill’s departure did not suit him. This is what said in People magazine: “I was delighted with the presence of Henry Cavill as the witcher. He is a true professional. Just as Viggo Mortensen gave his face to Aragorn, Henry gave his face to Geralt, and always will.“.

Why is Henry Cavill leaving The Witcher?

In a statement released by Netflix over the weekend, everyone appears to be in agreement with the change. But no one explains why this happened.

There have been speculations of possible anger from Netflix because Cavill left for a couple of days to shoot a Superman cameo without telling Netflix the reason, or that given the confirmation of new Superman films, he couldn’t balance the schedules with Netflix.

But the reason the North American media is talking to their insiders and filming people is because the reason in creative differences between the writers and the actor himself.

Henry Cavill is adored by fans Witcher because he is just as bad as they are. A famous gamer who plays video games every day, Cavill has read every Witcher book and played hundreds of hours of games.. “Henry was fully prepared to shoot the planned 7 seasons if the books were respected“, according to inside sources.

He’s an advocate for original material that Netflix didn’t have much respect for making a series. Several times Cavill was in the press asking respect books and games and stick to them, what didn’t happen.

The straw that broke the camel’s back is a leak from a few days ago that appears to contain the writers often laughed at both the books and the video game series.

But instead of firing writers or demanding more fidelity to the source material, Netflix Made a Big Mistake: Letting Henry Cavill Gowhen he was the soul of the Witcher.

The choice of a replacement, Liam Hemsworth, did not help either:

Not only does he not look like Henry Cavill, but he is an actor who has not excelled in his few leading roles, limiting himself to appearing in The Hunger Games.

Naturally, social media turned to change:

It’s as if, after the release of the second Lord of the Rings movie, New Line announced that they were swapping Viggo Mortensen for Leonardo DiCaprio for the third movie…

Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia, and fans will have a hard time accepting the change. To the point that many of them Netflix is ​​already being asked to cancel The Witcher after the third season, the last with Henry Cavill.

hashtag #CancelThe Witcherand others like him are already circulating on Twitter in hundreds of tweets:

Ironically, Netflix doesn’t shake hands when it comes to canceling great, well-reviewed shows like The Dark Crystal or Cyberpunk 2077: Edge Runners, but prefers replace Henry Cavill an actor with zero charisma, not undo the Witcher.

Let’s see at last Netflix listen fans what they ask cancel The Witcher without Henry Cavill. We think not, because Witcher It was a series with good viewership and the potential for several spin-offs. But in the end, the audience will have the last word.

Source: Computer Hoy

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