AT Movie One Piece: Red, Goro Taniguchi, which opens on November 4, several things are happening in parallel. On the one hand, Monkey D. Luffy has to complete an old personal history. In another, he, of course, continues his ambition to become the king of the pirates. But, meanwhile, he also decides to go to a concert of an outstanding singer with his team.

A story full of anime humor and cute quality, brings to the big screen a narrative that is in keeping with its spirit and identity.

It also ties into the well-known and seemingly never-ending story of finding One Piece with something a little more unique. He even takes the liberty of turning on the music. Which gives the argument a unique and fluid fluidity. Movie One Piece: Red He is very clearly aware of the long history that precedes him and analyzes it using a script that surprises with its solidity, with its little features.

Movie One Piece: Red this is a masterpiece for everyone

Definitely, Movie One Piece: Red created for red fans of creativity Eiichiro Oda. But at the same time, it is wide enough to accommodate a large audience. The film is an ambitious production that wants to analyze the underlying obsessions one piece like a set. From loyalty and love to a strange group of pirates. However, it makes a brilliant choice to be more than just a medium of entertainment between beloved characters and familiar storytelling.

Movie One Piece: Red wants to tell his version of a random event in his world. Something that a lot of manga-based films try, although they don’t achieve the feeling that they are anything more than a very long chapter of the original.

On the other hand, Movie One Piece: Red finds its own language and elegant design to support its individual character. A perception that turns the argument into a curious mixture of styles and good narrative solutions.

The importance of music in cinema.

Uta, a diva with an amazing voice who surprised the world, will give her biggest concert ever. Non-canonical character Movie One Piece: Red This is perhaps the sweetest addition to a story that seeks to surprise. It’s a bold decision: the inclusion of Uta and her context implies that the musical part will make a big difference.

In fact, that’s the way it is. One of the most amazing moments Movie One Piece: Red it is how he keeps the narrative in oneira and bypasses the central premise. What will make a group of hardened pirates go to a concert? A talented artist for sure. But also that Uta is more than just a diva. This is a childhood memory of Luffy and, in addition, the daughter of the famous pirate Shanks.

The Triple Circumstance Supports Much of the Structure Movie One Piece: Red. Especially since Uta only appeared in episode 1055 of the series as a silhouette in her father’s flashback. So, despite the fact that everything that the film tells has no effect on one piece in general it is part of their expanded mythology. A curious look at all the messy little bits of information a manga contains and turns into something more.

Movie One Piece: Red

However, in Movie One Piece: Red, the conflict is more interesting because Uta has a goal. Violence, and it will happen at any cost. The narrative thread then skillfully connects the character to the world of the manga, creating a sense of oneness.. But it is music that is that mysterious territory that turns Movie One Piece: Red into something amazing, emotional – the core of the whole film. An interesting angle for a story that has, over its long history, been marked by action scenes and a tongue-in-cheek take on violence.

The script, written by Tsutomu Kuwoira and Brooklyn El Omar, also uses Uta to give the classic Luffy an infamous three-dimensionality. But especially Shanks gets a new substance. Father, protector and, in the end, a bit of a tragic hero, the character takes on a new dimension. Something to keep Movie One Piece: Red like a flowing line of events that highlights the personality of the story, while also being a brilliant stand-alone spectacle.

Voice, danger, alternative world

Uta’s show is, of course, the center of the plot. But as soon as the concert begins, the main character of the film becomes more gloomy. Diva, a woman who hypnotizes with her voice, is also obsessed and determined to change the world. Do it totally and without a point of return.

Movie One Piece: Red then takes on a peculiar mixture of sinister air and an almost desperate look for the greater good. Uta is much more than a source of history to piece together. This is the element that weaves the film with mature discourse in manga myth.

Movie One Piece: Red

Perhaps one of the greatest achievements Movie One Piece: Red use every dot at your disposal to turn the screen show into a feast. In its songs, the film celebrates the conventional ideals and conflicts of the series. Looking at his characters – this big gang full of vitality – and their touching backstory, Movie One Piece: Red it is a triumph of the imagination. Far more than can be said for similar products that don’t reach the level of charm and playful smugness of Goro Taniguchi’s work.

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