Many are expected with the release of a new version of the operating system. Approximately in the autumn of next year. Among the new features:

  1. Protection against device theft: Apple will introduce an anti-theft feature that requires strong authentication via Face ID or Touch ID to access iCloud Keychain passwords, view your virtual Apple Card number, turn off Lost Mode, and more. A one-hour security delay will be added for particularly sensitive actions, such as changing your Apple ID password.

  2. Collaborative Apple Music playlists: Apple Music subscribers will be able to create collaborative playlists, allowing multiple users to add, reorder and delete songs.

  3. AirPlay on TVs in hotel rooms: This feature will allow iPhone users to scan a QR code on their hotel room TV to establish an AirPlay connection to wirelessly stream videos, photos, and music from their iPhone to the TV.

  4. Installing apps outside the App Store in Europe: In accordance with the European Union Digital Markets Act, Apple plans to allow the installation of applications on iPhone only through the App Store in EU countries.

  5. New generation CarPlay: The first cars to support Apple’s new CarPlay system will be announced in 2024. This system promises deeper integration with the instrument cluster and climate control systems, support for multiple dashboard displays and more.

  6. RCS support: Apple has announced that the Messages app on iPhone will support the cross-platform RCS messaging standard starting “next year,” and it will likely be a feature included in iOS 18.

  7. Smart Siri: iOS 18 is expected to introduce generative AI technology that will improve Siri and the Messages app’s ability to answer questions and auto-complete suggestions.

Source: Ferra

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