Like a premiere Avatar: the path of water, some details related to production become known. The most recent one is related to the script prepared by James Cameron, who also returns as director and chief creative officer in charge of what is seen on screen. After Avatarreleased in 2009, the filmmaker had an idea of ​​how the story could have continued. But he refused it.

It is curious in this case that he returned to her in Avatar: the path of water. Not completely, but part of this text formed the basis of the script for the film, which will be released in December 2022. During an interview with TotalFilmJames Cameron went into detail about this creative process and how this version of the script led to the graphic novel. This can be understood as a kind of prequel to Avatar 2.

Although James Cameron was very attracted to this idea and the overall outcome of the story, he felt that it did not tie in enough with what had already been shown in film. According to him, he did not fully follow the rules established through visual storytelling. So he decided to discard it for a while as the basis for what he would later call Avatar: the path of water. However, he ended up salvaging some of the ideas.

James Cameron, The Screenplay That Wasn’t
and ideas for Avatar: the path of water

James Cameron is not only known for his technological innovations in his various films. He has also earned the respect of the film industry for his ability to compose sci-fi stories and adapt his cinematic language to different stories. In this sense, Terminator (1984) and titanic (1997) may be the most controversial production in his production.

Avatar joins them as a controversial story and with a significant level of ambition. It should be remembered that this entire franchise will consist of five films. As for ideas related to Avatar: the path of waterJames Cameron said of the production’s creative process:

“It so happened that we just hung out doing nothing. I worked with a team of writers. We had many ideas. We kept trying to fit it (the concept) into the box, but it just didn’t fit. So at some point I said, “I’ll finish this and see if it’s a movie.” I did it. It seems to be 130 pages. It was like, “Dude, this is a great story. It’s a great read.”

However, not everything was decided within this preparatory process. Something was needed, from the point of view of James Cameron, who said TotalFilm:

“One of the most important elements of the sequels was missing, namely that did not delve far enough into the unexpected. It didn’t quite follow the rules either. Avatar, which should connect with the world of dreams. There is a spiritual component to this that we cannot even put into words. He ticked all the boxes, but not this one. And I thought, “We shouldn’t be doing this movie. So I put it aside.”

Then? Not everything is lost

“There are some great things in it (relative to the previous script). I mean, you have Na’vi fighting with bows and arrows in zero gravity. I mean, it’s exciting! I want to watch this movie. But it just didn’t work, it lacked the overall plot and thematic goals that I had in mind. So we turn it into a graphic novel about a dark horse (editor). You will be able to see that intermediate battle that took place between the first and second film.”

What seemed like the first scenario Avatar: the path of water became Avatar: Pinnaclegraphic novel, which will consist of three volumes and will be a link between what happened in Avatar D Avatar 2. This graphic adaptation is edited by Dark Horse. The continuation of this story will be released on December 15th.

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