As announced, Disney+ is raising prices in the US. This is to be expected given that its ad-laden version is about to launch, and just when Netflix just launched its new cheap ad-laden version. While it wasn’t clear when that would happen, Disney+ would raise subscription prices on December 8th.

How much? From tomorrow Disney+ it will cost $10.99 per month, a nice boost from the current $8 rate. On the other hand, an ad-free yearly subscription also gets more expensive, and now you have to pay $110 a year to have access to all the content.

And that is that the price of Disney+ with ads will be the same as before the regular subscription. So cheap Disney + price with ads, it will cost $8/month or $80/year.. The same price, but with advertising and everything connected with it. These are the new prices:

  • Disney+ Ads (new): $8/month and $80/year.
  • Disney+ ad-free: $11/month and $110/year.
  • Disney+ with Hulu and ESPN: $14/month through Dec. 7
  • Disney Bundle Duo Basic (new): $10/month.
  • Disney Bundle Trio Basic (new): $13/month.

Anticipate price increases and keep an ad-free subscription

Each of the accounts that subscribe from tomorrow will already see a price increase reflected, but the good news is that if you subscribe now with an annual subscription, you will keep the price reduction, waiting for the increase and, in addition, the new price for you will not will take effect for another 12 months:

And save even more with a Combo+ subscription that includes Disney+ and Star+ at a discounted price.

Register in Star+ and you will have access to best series and exclusive films which Alien, Simpson, X-Men D Walking Dead. It includes StarOriginals D all sportssuch as La Liga, Champions League and F1.

Subscribe to Star+ and save

combo+ He final package which will save you money while you enjoy all Disney+, Star+ content and all ESPN sports, including football from the best leagues in the world. The best package at the best price

Subscribe to Combo+ and save

Plus, even if it starts now in the US, it’s likely that there will be a similar upsurge in the rest of the countries where Disney operates, including Spain and Latin America.

See all episodes Andorone of the best series star Warsalready available in Disney+

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