Tom Holland will be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a few more years. After Spiderman: No Way Home, Peter Parker’s translator questioned his involvement in other projects with the character. It seemed to be part of a negotiating strategy that worked after some time. The actor will be part of the franchise until the end of Phase 6.

To do this, Tom Holland agreed to make three more films with Sony and the same number of productions in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. All in all, Tom Holland would be part of a triad of stand-alone productions and appear in later films, accompanying other superheroes. Information is filtered through different insiders screening world.

According to these informantsTom Holland’s journey as Spider-Man will last until Avengers: Kang Dynasty D Avengers: Secret Wars, two films that will complete the sixth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The news comes in a context in which the actor’s future was unclear and several characters left the story to make way for others.


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Source: Hiper Textual
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